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Finally dropped it.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by brainfried, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Yep, two months in and i manage to drop it. Turning it round on a steep hill near my mates place, manage to underrev and stall it...and gravity took hold.

    Very surprised, check all over tank, indicators, bars, not a scratch!
    Yeah, the only problem was a 1/4 of the front brake lever missing, the brake still worked though.

    More upset at myself than the damage, having ridden dirtbikes etc for so long and hardly ever dropped it, but as always, relatively late, windy etc and not thinking about what i was doing.

    So as always, no matter how long you've been riding, pay attention so you dont go blowing cash or hurting yourself!

  2. doesnt sound too bad. shouldnt be hard to get another lever!

    Could have been worse :grin:
  3. True, my dad said he was expecting something worse from my first 'incident', obviously not confident in my ability :p
  4. i decided that my bike would look better laying down on the garage floor the other day and i escaped with a snapped clutch lever and a scratch on the peg.. saved by a pile of crap on the floor though.. went outside and bashed myself silly.. then paid $18 for a new lever and got on with it. you stack is a good stack as you are here with your bike and now i bet you have a chuckle
  5. Finally droped it !! :?

    Sounds like you have been waiting for it a long time so ..Congrats :wink:
  6. I was going to say - the way the title is phrased it sounds like it took some determination and effort! :LOL:

    The tip of the lever is probably missing because many levers are pre-notched from factory these days; That way a fall sacrificially snaps the tip off rather than destroying the entire lever and rendering the bike unrideable.

    Glad neither you nor the bike seem to be injured (with the exception of a $10 replacement brake lever)
  7. NooooOOOooooOOooooO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nah, only kidding - these things do happen. I was just glad I didn't manage it when i had the bike - my mechanic did it with my new bike though :D

    Glad to hear the bike is okay. I should have sent the spare lever I've got here with the bike :)
  8. Yeah, 10 dollar lever and 5 minutes later and its as good as you gave it to me Noel :D

    Sucks about the SV, have you got it fixed up yet?
  9. At least its an easy fix.

    Good thing about nakeds too - a drop isn't a major expense...

    Yeah, the SV is back on the road. just got some paint to fix up, but it should be all good.
  10. i dropped my bike twice in 3 days, once on the drive way (friday) then going round a sharp corner at 30kmh (sunday) so that was a shit weekend. only cost around $260 to fix all up i think... can't remember, i'd only had the bike for about 3 weeks i think. i'm over it though.
  11. Welcome to the club. If it is any consolation most people have dropped their bike or come off at some stage.
  12. Finally happened to me (after almost a year and a half) at the lights near my work, it was still wet and I either leaned too far or hit the rear break and the bike just came out from under me, lucky it was very low speed the the car behind me stopped right away.

    Came off with a bent gear shift lever, cracked fairing near the left indicator and bruises on my left leg and shoulder :(..... Im planing to upgrade soon after i get off my Ps, glad it happened now and now after the upgrade:D

    P.S. Sorry for hijacking the topic but I didn't want to make a new post for a similar thing.
  13. I dropped my bike twice in 1 rainy day..... both at roundabouts in low speed.... on both sides of the bike.... now both front L/R signal lights are missing.... and the rear brake pedal broken.... and the engine stator cover scratched with minor oil leaks...... can anyone tell me where can i get those spare parts? levers sound cheap but pedals could be expensive right? and how am i gonna ride it to the mechanics without those broken....... :cry: need to get roadworthy....
  14. oh, my bike is a 97 Suzuki Across, searched the internet but can't find any parts for it.....
  15. I get my across parts from Mick Hone Motorcycles In Box Hill. They usually have parts for them as they are a Suzuki Dealer or they can order them in if none are in stock.

    When I rocked up to my first day at work I parked right out the front and when i went to lean the bike over on the stand I didnt realise there was a big hole there and she just fell over! LOL it was so embarassing I dont think ive ever picked her up that quick before!

    Funny times