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Finally doing Q Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by crazynate, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Hey all.

    I have been going to do Q Ride for years and have just never got around to it. So I took the plunge and booked into do it.

    I booked as a novice (which I am) and am doing it over 2 days.

    I started today thinking "what the hell am I doing!!!! I have no business riding a bike" I was so nervous and a complete gumby. Stalls, missed gears, no signals etc. I was out of my element.

    Fast forward 5 hours and I was out on the open road with 4 others on 600 Hornets.... I was on a CB250 but it could have been a rocket, such was the sensation...... I was already hooked.

    When we got back from the road ride I was put on the Hornet 600 and faaaaaark, I loved it and pretty much did all the competicies then and there on it. I will be back on Wednesday to do it on the 600, I can't wait!!!

    It was a big step in one day, from having only ridden small dirt bikes and Ag bikes 15 years ago to getting on a 600.

    Bring on Wednesday!!!!
  2. Good Luck !!!
  3. Glad I'm not the only one who's discovering the joys of Q Ride. Started mine on Saturday, going back on Thursday for my second day. Doing it thru Team Moto at Springwood, a bit pricier but they've got a fixed price regardless of how many times you have to repeat the one day, which looked good for me with my complete lack of experience! :LOL:

    Got out on the road ride at the end of the day, and daaaaaaaaaaamn does it feel good!!! :grin:
  4. I did my Q-ride last week, after ~18 years off a bike (and even then, just hooning up and down a beach) and, more recently, three 1-hour lessons. My instructor/assessor at 'Lern-Ezy' was great and really patient... if not terribly literate... ha :p

    Wish you the best of luck :) seriously, how freakin' good are bikes :LOL:

    Loving this forum, picking up some very useful info... thanks all for contributing. See-yas out on the open road :grin:
  5. Congrats!! You really do wonder what the hell you're doing on a bike, till you hit the highway and WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :grin:

    Good Luck on Wednesday!
  6. Cheers guys and gals.

    I had just started to get comfortable today when another rider went down twice and eventually was given the option to sit out the rest of the day. Thankfully he did, his mind was gone after the 2nd off. Mind you he did have to ride his Virago home so I hope he had a safe ride home.

    The poor bugger had dropped the bike in a panic during figure eights and then grabbed the front brake turning at low speed and ended up under it....... not good.
  7. I had a ball when I did Q ride for the 1st time. There were a few screw up's but that is part of learning. I'd say it is worth the money just for a day's entertainment if you have never ridden before. I had to go back to get my unrestricted licence, that was a bit of a joke... spent maybe 2.5-3 hours all up actually riding their bike. But i got to have a go on an I4, that made up for it.

    17SJS, is you avatar photo taken on Indro Rooftop?
  8. i too had a ball doing Q-Ride with Pro Honda at Rocklea

    I too had a drop (2 actually)... well crashing at 60 isn't really considered a drop.. the 2nd one was when i put my leg and got it caught through the crash bars on the CB250
    overrr i went

    good luck on Wed.
  9. Nah mate - top of Orion at Springfield Lakes, work there. :wink:
  10. Aha!! The mystery rooftop carpark the general public don't know about!!
  11. i did my qride about 6 months ago and all i had to do was one days couorse and 300 dollars has it changed?
  12. I think it depends on the provider you use.

    I had a two hour theory session on one day, and a 6 hour practical session on another. There was another provider here that did the lot in one day, though.

    Cost me $290 with bike and gear. That was a week ago.

    HTH :)
  13. cost me 540 for 2 days

    7 till 2-3 both days

  14. It's official...... I have my open bike licence, now I just need an open cheque book!!!!

    I did Qride over 2 days for my own benefit. I had minimal experience on a bike so I wanted to give myself more time in a controlled environment.

    Doing the first day on a 250 was a perfect step for today so I would advice all other n00bs that are planning on doing Qride to swallow their pride and do it over 2 days. You won't regret it.

    Cost $270 per day @ Pro Honda - Rocklea

    Big ups to Wayne, Jim and Karen for their attitude, enthusiasm and patience.
  15. Good onya mate! Bikes rule huh?!

    My brother and his wife both came through the 2 day q-ride course and quickly bought middleweight bikes which they've both been enjoying heaps. But they've both dropped them too... just slow speed stuff but enough to tarnish a couple of lovely new bikes!

    My only advice is to maybe think twice before putting too much cash into your first bike, cos it's real easy to put em down while you're learning!

    Congrats though!
  16. oh did u go with pro honda at rocklea too?

    how friendly and informative are the instructors... i had wayne and karen.
    love em!
  17. Many congrats on the license!! Hope you'll join us on a ride soon! See the Sunday Monthly Coffee Meet - although the rides are more like every three months - I have to give the babysitter (my mum) plenty of notice!!!

    Pro Ride at Pro Honda rocks! :grin:
  18. Technically, it's staff parking. :p

    Did my second day today, and going back for my assessment on Wednesday. Had a good few hours of open road riding, and now i COMPLETELY understand how awesome bikes are. Nothing I've done in a long time beats the feeling of leaning it over at 100km/h on the way out to tamborine... :grin: :grin: :grin: