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Finally ditched the 250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by dane75, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Restrictions ended this week so I have upgraded and loving it!

    I got an 04 GSXR 1000. Loving the power increase.. especially since 99% of my riding is 60km down a boring highway to and from work. So far I have found the power to be quite controllable, haven't had any scary moments this far and to be honest unless you really reef it the front wheel doesn't come up that easy (my 100kg+ body size might be influencing that though). Keeping my license clean might be harder though.. 120 - 140kmph feels like nothing.. just wish the cops agreed lol

    I honestly feel safer riding it than the old 250. I used to get stuck behind trucks and stuff before and the ability to overtake was limited so you would need a huge gap to safely get past and the wind buffeting from the truck used to blow me around a fair bit. Now overtaking is such a breeze your past and in front so quickly your never stuck. Being a bigger big the buffeting is nearly un-noticable.

    Anyway you guys read 50 of these threads a day and know how it all goes so I'll just shut up and show the pics.

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  2. congrats on the upgrade to a fine looking bike
  3. whats going on with the front fairings? destickered?

    kinda almost makes it look like a gs500f

    still i love the gixxers and black is the best colour, i bet its a blast to ride coming of a 250
  4. previous owner slide it out at a track day, so that's why it's like that I think. The oggy knob on one side was ground down a little bit. So at least if I manage to slide it out I won't have been the first lol
  5. Its a great feeling to go for that first ride on the bigger bike. I went from a 250 up to an 1100 and there is absolutely no comparison! Nice ride.
  6. Niiice!!

    random filler cause of stupid minimum post size. Happy you got 10 characters?????
  7. Congrats mate !!!
    Very NICE
  8. Would you like to buy a vowel???


    Seriously nice looking piece of kit. No doubt about it, black bikes look awesome.