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Finally did it! Got my L's!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Red31, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Hey ya guys, like allot of us here I got my L's came across this website and so for have I found it very helpful.
    I have purchased a Honda VTR250 picking it up in February very excited, a little scared. I have had no experience with bikes before and no knowledge it's been a learning curve so far.
    If anyone knows of day courses for confidence or targeted at l's please let mow know! I'm from Melbourne south east suburbs.
    Lovely to meet you all :)

  2. Hey Red, welcome.
  3. Welcome to NR!
  4. Welcome Red, there are L sessions run by Netrider people.
    I'm sure they'll pipe up soon enough.
  5. Welcome to the madhouse! Enjoy the ride!
  6. hi red im always around to help out our female noobys , so to help me help you, tell me ,are you hot?
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  7. Congrats and Welcome!!
  8. Thanks everyone :) feeling very welcomed.
    Nope not hot actually today is much cooler in melb...might be hot in the following days however ;)
  9. well pm me when your feeling hot and we can discuss it then
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  10. I love u Greggles....always mixing it up.
    Hi Red31....I can teach u a few things UncleGreg can't ;)
    But seriously get down to Sat practice....EVERY weekend for a few months... it WILL save your life & make u the bestest rider EVA
  11. xxx hug hug hug jez
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  12. Welcome to NR.

    Come down to Sat practice and watch out for UncleGreg.
  13. yeah I should probably keep my mouth shut until they go
  14. Yeah. Less chance of scaring them off that way. At least get them to join one ride before you scare them off.
  15. Thanks for the info on the Saturday practice,,def something I would look at when I get my bike. I also agree let us have one ride before scaring us off :)