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Finally decided on new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by davison, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,
    After a great amount of research especially through this great Forum.
    I have decided on the bike i want and yesterday placed a deposit.

    Considering its my first bike, and that i need a 250cc. I was considering between the Honda CBR250RR and the Hyosung GT250R.

    At first glance at the Hyosung in person, i couldnt resist. I knew it was the one. So after hours of haggling, I agreed to place a $500 deposit on the brand new bike. I will be ready to pick up the bike on Saturday. Very very excited.

    What do you guys think? did i make a good choice? For those who currently own a Hyo, is it as good as it looks?


    Looking forward to joining you guys on the road
  2. Good luck with that.
  3. I've got no experience with Hyo other than seeing and hearing one at the servo one day. Looked nice, but I much preferred the sound of Mrs Tree's ZZR 250.

    Rubber-side-down, mate. :grin:
  4. Had used one of these earlier in the year. Besides the new look as the old saying goes, you only get what you pay for!

    This is in terms of performance, part quality and clunkyness.

    From what I have heard, if you score a good one you'll have little issue. But when they're not, you have a lemon.

    Good luck.
  5. I like mine, good first bike. Just get it serviced and look after it. A message to all noobs regardless of bike type is learn how to do the basics, tighten chain, etc etc and you should have no major dramas.
  6. I was on the same dilemma as you 4 weeks ago. Had to chose between the GT250R and a CBR250RR. None of my mates had ever heard of the Hyo, which meant web research. I ended up buying second hand 1 year old GT250R.

    Having never ridden a motorbike before I have nothing to compare it to, but so far I have been really happy with it. I have been going riding every weekend with my mate (he has an R1) and I am happy with how it feels and handles. So far it has been a great bike to learn in and I have no complaints with it.
  7. If I HAD to choose between a Brand new Hyo and a 20 year old CBRRRRRRRRR I would definitely go the Hyo. But then again I prefer Vtwins.
  8. Ive heard Hyosung250's blow cranks :LOL:
  9. Im pretty excited but worried about it at the same time.. as im picking it up from Peter Stevens from the City.

    I have my final Ls test on Friday. And hoping to pick up the bike on Saturday.
    Im concerned that the Ls may take time to receive, thus unable to pick up the bike.

    For those who got the Ls in Melbourne, can u tell me exactly how long after the test it takes to receive the physical license.
  10. They will give you a piece of paper that is your license straight away. You'll get the plastic one like 5-6 weeks later?

    Take it easy riding from the city. Tram tracks everywhere...
  11. +1
  12. :LOL:

    You're all heart Loz!
  13. As soon as you've got your Ls you're allowed to buy/ride :)

    Congrats on your ride!
  14. Where abouts you from mate?

    I bumped into a dude riding a hyo 250 in adelaide, nice yellow one so I queried him on his experience with it.

    He said he hasnt had any problems with it, only thing is since he is servicing it himself, he claims its hard to get parts for it.

    Not sure if this would apply to rest of OZ, apparently (according to him) theyre hard to get around good old Adelaide :?

    Compared to the majority of learner bikes... they look pretty damn nice i think :grin:

  15. Im from Ashwood Melbourne, its abit over half an hour drive. May get home quicker on bike, but certainly not ready for city riding first time. After that i should be sweet.

    Can someone advise me on what things i should check or clarify with the salesperson before i take the bike out? In case some problems may arise in the future.

    Also, what other accessories are needed. For example the centre stand, would i need that to adjust the chain of the bike and lube the chain?