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Finally Completed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BRD007, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. I did my P's test today and passed. :)

    Stuffed up a bit in the U turns because of the type of bike I got, but managed to pass the rest of the course.

    Had an embarassing drop while practising my U turns. I was doing the U turn by leaning the bike over and counter balancing with my body. As I was about to leave the U turn I started to feel the bike tipping to one side. Out of all the excitement I did a nooby mistake, I grabbed the front brake and pulled back on it while still turning. The front wheel Buckled, which in turn, turned a bad situation into a inevedible situation. Well as it was going down I managed to hold it up as long as I could. At the end I let the bike down really slowly. Well the end result was a whole lot of fuel on the ground, very tiny scratch to the outside of the mirror, small scratch to the lower fairing. Im lucky there werent more damages.

    Well getting back on track, I passed my P's test and tommorrow I'm going to purchase my lisence. I need to pretty up for the photo:)(aint that right Kim:)).
  2. I always say if you've got to drop a faired bike, don't fight it, just accept it's on the way and let it down gently. Works on the GTR!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Good on ya champ. BTW, it's PASSED. :p

  4. sweet! you passed and that's the main thing. :grin:

    on a side note, it's BY THE WAY. :p :p
  5. Good work Mate!
  6. Nice one, knew you'd make it. I'm wishing the date for my test would come sooner, otherwise i'll be the last person with L's at the fiddler meet :p
  7. Good stuff on the license however never blame the bike.

    "What you do is what happens; what you dont do - doesnt happen. Motorcycles dont do anything by themselves. They dont win races or lose them; they dont make mistakes or do anything right. Everything that happens during a ride depends solely on the rider".
    Keith Code "A twist of the Wrist"

    A good book worth buying

  8. Well done buddy. In Vic, I believe any drop is a fail?
  9. OMG!!!!! :shock: :shock: You dropped the bike on your test and you still passed???? :? what is the world coming 2???

    congrats on passing though! :p
  10. I couldnt make the U turn because of the type of bike im riding, It has very low handle bars and doesnt have much of a turn.

    I'm not blaming the bike for my mistake, I clarified my mistake, the reason the bike went down is because out of panic I grabbed the front brack while in the turn. I recognise my mistake and I have learned from this experience.

    I didnt drop the bike when I was actually doing my MOST test, I decided that I needed to practise a bit more, so when everyone else went to lunch I stayed back and practised the whole course until it was second nature. Well while practising this is when I dropped the bike.

    If you drop the bike during MOST examination its an autamatic fail.
    Look forward to seeing that P plate on satday.

    Hope I do as well as you on Friday when I go for mine.
  12. I'm sure you'll do better then me, just remember to practise those really slow riding and get more familiar with your bike.

    You should pass no problems.
  13. Thanks for the confidence boost.
  14. Don't worry, at least you wont be the slowest :LOL: :LOL:

    Congrats on passing.
  15. Thanks guys and girls, I appriciate the comments.

    I'll see you guyz out there in future rides.
  16. hahaha , not quite, i still dont have my bike back yet , grrrrrr