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Finally bought my VTR250!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gato, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. hey all,

    I got my bike this weekend. it's a VTR250 in matt black with staintune pipe. the ride home was pretty good, after figuring out how to turn off the hazard lights and how to get to Neutral :LOL:

    yesterday i took it for a quick spin. went up and down citylink. through the tunnel, across bolte bridge then back down again, up westgate. up and down princess highway, blackburn road, monash freeway.

    despite blowing a hole in my budget, i think i'm pretty happy! :D
  2. hey you missed out two backroads in richmond!!!!

    Sounds like fun, and, hey, the budget will recover, but in the mean time, there's roads to be ridden.......

    Enjoy it mate!
  3. you've got hazard lights? :shock:
  4. Leave the hazards on at all times mate, it's just like indicating in both directions at once, thus you can go anywhere, anytime! Perfect. And no one can say they weren't warned.
  5. great bike 8)

    thats what i was thinking :eek:
  6. congrats. on the new bike, look forward to seeing you on a few rides.
  7. Congrats mate!!

    Enjoy and stay safe.

    :D :D
  8. Hey! I don't have hazard lights, just indicators! :oops:

    Congrats Gato! Excellent choice of bike!
  9. Hazards, indicators, same lights guys. Switch on RH grip just above starter.
  10. Great choice of bike !!

    I also have VTR250 in matt black, and how horn do they sound with an aftermarket pipe !!

    Just like a ducati only tiny
  11. Yes.
    They sound very horn.

    Yo Dave, where's my pipe?
  12. yo jbot I rekon its almost time to bypass the mechanic and go straight to the sauce (madaz) to get your pipe, 2 months is far to long to wait for your horn pipe !!
  13. Probly. But that means paying full price :(
  14. Yeah but it also means you have a pipe :D

    and the tiny VTR will be that little bit mightyer !
  15. Great choice in bike. If you recon the VTR250 is pretty good, just wait until you graduate to the VTR1000. You ain't heard nothin yet....
  16. Got my vtr250 2005 a month ago, I loved the bike it just sounded pissy, so a splurged a bit more and got a beefy pipe put on it.
    Sounds pretty sweet, doesn't sound like a 250. And I got the midnight blue one :) Didn't like the cherry colour even though im a girl, blue looks nicer.

    Took it for a run in the hills, nice and smooth....... im very happy with my bike
  17. what other bikes did you try?

    i've been looking for a blue VTR too. they're a bit hard to find so far :(
  18. thanks guys!

    can't wait for the weekend so i can go riding. i normally drive to work and finish late so no riding in the weekdays. hope the weather will be good!

    need to get a lot of practise. i'm still not 100% connecting with the bike, sometimes it feels like a 200kg metal block under me. especially doing slow turns, u-turns, turning into entryways etc.

    i want to try:
    1. riding in the night.
    2. riding in the rain <--- not so keen about this...

    i'll definitely be joining the newbie rides on, see you all then!
  19. bought your bike new! which pipe did you get?

    you know, i keep forgetting which gear i'm at, so sometimes i try my luck and find an extra one. other times, i try to click up and find nothing. should have a gear indicator on the instruments :roll:

    by the way, any VTR250 riders (or any other bikes for that matter) put Oggy knobs on your bikes? i'm planning to get them this coming weekend. maybe at peter stevens.
  20. Go find yourself a nice big deserted carpark (look in industrial estates) and do circles and figure 8's until your pegs are scraping, slow turns and U-turns will never be a problem again...and its fun :D

    Remember that when doing U turns, the rear brake is your friend, balance the bike by offsetting your weight and look where you want to go.

    Oggy knobs=cheap insurance for the quite likely low speed drop or sidestand oopsy. Easy to put on, look fine and when you're hanging off like a monkey are a good anchor point for your knee....