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Finally bought my first road bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dimi, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Firstly, just want to say thanks to the wealth of knowledge on this forum and the helpful nature you guys have. Been spending many an hour searching/browsing/learning ALOT about bikes and theory behind different things.

    Now the fun part :twisted:

    After looking at many a bike, i've finally settled on a 2000 Suzuki GSF250V Bandit (Not a grey import)! Haven't taken custody of it yet as the guy i bought it off is doing the RWC, and has been really helpful and even offered to drop the bike at my house so i don't have to do my first proper ride through the city, about 15km all up.

    She's done about 34k, stock as a rock and runs well! So very excited :)
    First thing i gotta do it give it a clean though as its not been cleaned up so is a bit dusty (i'm a bit of a clean freak sometimes), but its the mechanical side i was more interested in and that's in top notch!

    Here are some pics from the add, will post more pics when i receive the bike (hopefully before the weeks end).


  2. Nice although i do think hes gona fang it around on the way to your house.... hes gona make her scream for him one last time
  3. Nice looking bike you got there, red is a nice touch
  4. Whether he fangs it for one last time or not doesnt bother me much, its a 250 after all, you gotta give it a bit to get some power out of the baby :p .

    The red on the rocker cover i've been told is only available on the aus delivered models? Although on the opposite side to the kickstand it is fading slightly apparently by the previous owner to this guy (1st owner) as it was left outside in the sun. The guy im buying it off had it in a secured carpark under his office building so its been a bit better protected since then.

    Cant wait!
  5. whos to say he didnt just take off the rocker and spray it himself? always the previous owners fault... always all the dings on my bike are :LOL:
  6. Very nice :)

    Hopefully you get ur bike before the weekend and you
    can ride her in the Learners Vanilla ride to Woodend on Saturday :grin:
  7. Haha thats true, either way its not a grey import :)

  8. Well done Dimi, beautiful looking bike.
    I had the Bandit on my short list and if I found one at the right price I would have grabbed one.
    You'll have a ball, from all accounts these are fun fast bikes for a 250.
  9. Cheers Oscar!

    Well they are probably the Biggest 250. They are based on the 400 frame and engine, but pistons are smaller to make it 250. So definantly under-stressed as far as the gearbox is concerned and gives me a closer grip to what it would be like riding a bigger bike hopefully making a somewhat smoother transaction when the time comes.

    Gotta admit though, you made me so jelous with the Zeal you picked up :oops:
  10. good going mate, welcome to the real world where everyone wants to kill you :)
  11. Well Done Dimi !
    Even though it aint a Honda, I'm sure you'll be very happy with the bandit.
  12. That's funny when I saw what you got I kind of felt a little jealous myself as I was keen on the Bandits just couldn't find one in my budget.
  13. Brother-in-law has one of these, though a '96 grey import, iirc.

    Excellent fun bike to ride, congrats! :)
  14. Cheers guys! :grin:
  15. is that your fully sick VL commo in the back?
  16. LOL!

    This is actually a picture from the add as i have not received the bike yet so i dont have any pics of my own.

    So to put it short: No :)

    Damn those VL's... some people i know have drained the life out of those cars for me, i really dont care about there fully sick T66 turbo that runs 2.3seconds down 1/4mile... :roll:
  17. WOOT! :grin:

    I just received the motorbike, 10:30pm tonight! Came with a lock and waterproof cover so very happy bout that! Got it stored and ready for tomorrows adventures, but first thing in the morning... TO VIC ROADS!!

    Such a sexy naked beast :p

    Do i really have to sleep now? :cry:
  18. Ok well its nearly 12:30am and havnt slept yet... instead, i payed to be a member of netrider :) so atleast i got something productive done :cool: .
  19. Maybe you could swap :grin:

    That's an awesome looking bike, dimi. Congratulations, nice pick up :grin:
  20. So shall we see you on Sat ??

    The learners ride to Woodend ??