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Finally bought my first bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by RedRobbo, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Went down on Saturday to Peter Stevens and cut a deal on a cbr250r and gear:). So now all I have to do is get a lot of practice in and gain experiance. Look forward to catching up and meeting some members on Saturday mornings.

  2. Good one. Practise around your local streets first, and when you feel up to it, give me a hoy. Can do an escort to practise (and brekky in St Kilda first if you like).
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  3. Fixed that for ya!

  4. Thanks again Greydog will shoot you a pm when i'm ready:biker:.
  5. Thanks I will do.
  6. Use the right forum Guys ! ](*,)

    [ yes you can start this one again, just not in General ]
  7. All gear that was on order should arrive tomorrow, so hopefully bike and gear to arrive tomorrow afternoon or the next day. Getting excited now:):woot:.
  8. Was delivered today a little excited here's some pics not great quality:biker:

  9. Congrats mate.

    Great feeling hey?

    Enjoy the ride.

  10. Some more.



  11. Thanks Ausfox pretty excited great feeling. A start of a new adventure:cool:
  12. I liked that first pic so much I wish I could see it again. Twice in fact.

    Oh, thanks!:D
  13. Yeah my bad LOL. Well was going to just ride up and down the street but gaining more confidence I just kept riding :LOL:. I will say this I don't have any experiance riding bikes but I will say this cbr250r is very forgiving to the newbies like me. I was even missing gears, not pulling the clutch in, it really didn't mind. I clocked up 45km's lots of fun lots of mistakes but I loved the feeling of freedom. Ok I'm hooked already:).
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  14. Good for you, it's a lot of fun.
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