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Finally bought a new bike, Suzuki DR650SE

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tp2207, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Let's hope I put that I post this in the right section. I finally upgraded from my first bike- a Hyosung gt250r. I know, pretty crap but was it was good to learn on. So I finally settled on a Suzuki Dr650se. I'm glad I chose the 650 and not the 250's I was looking at. Quite different to the sports bike I learnt on but was keen to do some off road stuff as well as riding to work sometimes.

    I also wanted something I could double on and have enough balls to sit at a decent freeway speed. And there is definitely no problem with that having done both already. The first thing I did was to put a new exhaust on it as the original was way too quiet. More of a safety thing in cars blind spots rather than beefy sound but wow. The Two Brothers Racing pipe my local bike shop sold me is very loud, maybe too loud but sounds great. The cars can definitely hear me now. I just hope it's still legal! I also put some bash plates and luggage rack on it. After the first 2 weeks of having it and only doing some short road trips to work and local rides, I finally got it off road last week. I was absolutely loving it until I got to the first sandy corner and come a gutser.

    A bit if inexperience probably contributed but definitely the original road tyres were not meant for this sort of stuff. Whenever there was some soft sand it felt like it was aquaplaning across it. Put a bend into the equation and bam. Down it went. The front end would just slip straight out on me. After putting it down about 6 times during the day and taking a bit of skin off, not mention a broken blinker and mirror (lucky that was all I guess). I decided some new tyres were a must. So guess what I've done this week. Yep. New nobblys are on. 80%off road and 20% on road. I know I'll have to be a bit more careful on the road but will definitely have more fun off it and hopefully stay upright now. Can't wait to get on the dirt again.

    Has anyone else got a Dr650 and what else have they done to it or what other mods can I do to improve it or just what are your thoughts?

  2. Nice bike, I recently bought a DR650SE myself, dubbed "The Vibratonator", you'll know why hehe. I haven't changed the exhaust, be nice if the bike sounded throatier but it's plenty loud enough for me. I bought it pretty much for the same reason, as a commuter (my VStrom thou is a bit too big for the short commute to work and back) and to do some dirt. Done 1000km of commuting (time for it's first service) but no dirt yet. Am about to put some mirror extenders on it as I find the current mirror position doesn't let me see enough of the blind spots.

    As for riding on sand, I've been told by a few dirt riders that sand can be nasty no matter what, be interesting to see how you go with the 80/20's.
  3. I'll let u know how they go. Hopefully next week or 2 be getting on the dirt again. I thought the mirrors were good but I'm only short too. Just bought some foldable mirrors after smashing one of them which are lower and not nearly as good vision.
    The vibration wasn't so bad on the original tyres but feeling it on the road now with the nobblys. Few rattles that I'm still getting used too though.
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  4. Tp2207, one of the most versatile bikes out there. Simple to work on, learn on, and change things on. Can be a daily commuter or take it across the country. I also recently in motorcycle trader than some had turned it into a motard monster which looked like fun.

    This one was bought off a student using it to commute to and from uni and work.


    With some upgrades have ridden it all around Sydney, out of Sydney, and did Perth to Byron Bay on it.


    Sorry to hijack your thread but just wanted to show what you can do with them ! Upgrades are limited by cash and you'll have fun getting there. My only immediate suggestion is a fat bar to replace the standard one if you keep going down !
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  6. Hopefully with the new nobblys I can keep it up but will check it out. Does a fat bar fit straight on with all stock controls and everything ok.
  7. To be honest I'm not quite sure because I raised the bars at the same time to give me a better body position standing on the pegs and holding the bars.

    I found most of my info online heaps of information out there and most a quick google away.
  8. Cheers Mick. Am loving it so far and can't wait to do more with/on it.
  9. (y) Tp2207Tp2207 , great choice, the DR650 is probably one of the best bikes I have ever owned.

    I have a DR650 and have about 75,000km on it, the only part of the bike I haven't modified or worked on is the gearbox.
    My bike has been set up for outback touring, and every thing on it is there for a specific purpose, I do not spend money to make it look pretty; just reliable and self sufficient.
    Tyres are a good mod, as is a larger fuel tank, protection (bashplate, barkbusters etc..) and my airhawk seat cushion.

    I had to mod the front suspension early on as I had a 30litre safari tank fitted; however, the rear suspension I didn't touch until the bike had 50,000km on it, and yes it made a huge difference......... but the stock rear suspension did the job for 50k all over this country of ours.
    Nearly all the mods I did myself, on the cheap and in my garage, so as to keep the budget low to appease the 'minister of finance'.

    It is a bike that is very easy to ride and forgiving, it is reliable and uses basic technology, therefore, easy to fix. It is not fast/powerful, but still puts a smile on my face, geared right it is a blast through the twisties. Best part it can do 'everything' and go everywhere..... maybe just at a lesser pace.
    I've been riding for a long time now, owned many bikes from all disciplines of motorcycling, still have a stable of bikes; however, the DR is my most regular ride.

    Mods are almost endless and I encourage you to do the mechanical work yourself, so as to learn the bike, pick up any problems before they develop further & give you the confidence that you will be able to overcome any mechanical issues if out in remote areas.

    check out these forums for tips:

    Oz / Kiwi Suzuki DR650 Adv Riders Sign in Here please | Page 806 | Adventure Rider


    Good luck and enjoy.
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  10. Love the photo :)

    What did you do to the front suspension? I'm looking at the 30L safari tank mod soon and I've heard some people have just upped the oil grade in the forks and that's been enough but happy to hear others experiences.
  11. 69SIM69SIM if you go with a 30lt safari tank, you will need to stiffen up the front end, or else it will bottom out on every pothole.

    here is a link to a fork seal change blog, that I posted on another forum, it might come in handy.

    I set my front up by buying some heavier springs from Vince Strang Motorcycles here in OZ, then 15Wt fork oil, with a PVC spacer (33mm dia x 4m thick x 97mm long) to preload the spring; however, I have heard that a pair of 'Gold Valve Emulators' can be fitted to the standard set up with good results, these weren't available when I did my front suspension.

    If you want to go on the cheap, just add 15 Wt fork oil and spacer, just ensure the front wheel is off the ground, then measure the spacer by sitting it onto of the washer on the spring head, allowing about 5mm to stick out the top of the fork tube, then with downward pressure on the fork cap, just tighten them up. See how this goes, if no good, then outlay about $180 to heavier fork springs or a couple of hundred $$$$ to go with the emulators, which just drop in. Here is Vince Strang's website, give them a call, they're only to happy to give some advice and help you out.

    or check out procycle in the USA

    Suzuki DR650 Parts, Accessories, & Performance - ProCycle
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  12. Just another option and to confuse things !

    www.teknikmotorsport.com.au does a all round DR package. I did mine and my brother's through there and both ride fantastic now.

    As dobbo said, if you go 30+ you'll have to do something up front, you'll soon notice it.

    The other thing my brother did was go back to a 16l (about) IMS tank when not doing trips that we need the 550 to 600km range. Just whip it on or off as you need.
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