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finally bought a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by yeowie, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, finally ended up saving enough money to buy a bike after working full time for a month or so. I was saving up for the new Kwaka 250, but it just so happened a friend of a friend put his CBR250RR on the market.

    Seeing that i havn't ridden a bike since i took my learners in september, the half hour ride home felt like an eternity (which i wasn't complaining about). Your alertness really does spike on a bike.

    I still need to work on my gear shifts, and knowing where the cars are around me but hoping all this will come with practice. If there are any riders who want to meet up for a cruise on the weekend just should out and i'm sure we can organise something. :)
  2. Congrats !!
    Do yourself a favor and get out there as often as you can.
    A permit / license is no substitute for experience. The more experience you gain, the better the chances of staying upright.
  3. Hey dude :) Glad to hear you got your bike. Awesomeness. Actually went out for a very short blat (like 15 mins) before with a pretty decent looking pillion haha.

    Give us a shout if you want to go for a ride seeing as I'm so close to you.. PM and we can organise something.
  4. Congrats on the bike dude! Now get out and ride......

    Which is what I should be doing.....
  5. thanks guys,

    i have been taking the bike out every spare minute ive got, getting a little more confident, but still can't judge distance of cars. anyhow, i'm sure that sense will pop up anyday now.

    also yian pm'ed! i'm always looking for people to ride with
  6. Bill says is that before or after you dinked me?

  7. :grin: :grin: :wink:
  8. Eh eh eh? Told ya you're the only person I've dinked on the Hornet :p
  9. Hey dude I just got my bike last Sat...
    Have ridden it around (about 40kms) to and from uni along some busy streets. So far traffic has not been an issue -- usually drivers know to watch out for L-plate riders. Judging at night is quite difficult though.

    PM me dude I'd totally be up for a cruise :D (I am from Coburg).
  10. yea busy streets arn't too bad (when you are travelling faster than the people around you), its just judging how far cars are away in the little distorted mirrors we get on the cbr. had any freeway rides yet? 100 feels so different from riding at 80. anyhow, as per the PM i'm heading to sydney on saturday, but if your keen to head for a cruise tomorrow night just shoot over an sms during the day.
  11. Lots of fun and experience to be had on the Thurs night mystery ride.

    Be careful out there.