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Finally Bought a Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by iEdd, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. So I finally bought a bike, after tossing up which one to get for so long. It's a Honda CBF250, black, 2008 model with about 6000km on the clock.

    I basically went through loads of bikes in my decision process:
    CB400, Gladius, Er6nL, GSX650F - all around $10k and HEAVY
    RS125/Mito - really wanted one, but lack of low end power, 2T quirks and once again, around $10k
    Various motards - once again, all around $10k
    GS500(F) - bit heavy, more than I wanted to spend new, and 2nd hand was either cheap or good, not both.
    CBR250RR - all seemed to be the wrong side of $5000 for a 20-30 year old bike with a LOT of km
    CBR125R - too small
    GT250 EFI - looked pretty good to me, but they are ripped on so much around here I didn't want to buy one and be disappointed or have problems, as well as lose a lot of money on resale
    Ninja 250R - Pretty bike, but I was scared of spending $8k and dropping it
    GPX250 - Don't like the look
    VTR250 - I know this is a better bike than the CBF, but models of the same year, km and condition seemed to be 2x the price of the CBF, so I couldn't justify it, let alone a brand new one which has gone up in price significantly since before it was discontinued.

    So all in all, I'm pretty happy with the CBF250 as it's nice and light, and because I didn't buy new I won't lose as much when I upgrade. Also, because I'd only ever ridden a bicycle, a 250cc has a shiteload better acceleration than I'm used to on 2 wheels, so I'm not disappointed that I didn't get the VTR or Ninja.

    The saved money on this first bike can (eventually) go toward an upgrade bike such as a Hornet or Ducati Monster 696 which I'm already dreaming about :D

    So far I've just been practising in the street, but I'm going to get onto QRide and get my RE licence once I get a bit better (read: less embarrassingly bad), so that I can hopefully be above average in the class.

    Excuse the crappy garage photo, I've spent more time riding it than photographing it. It's hardly rare, so there's plenty of good pics on the net of them. That's a reflection on the tank btw, there's not a scratch on it. :)

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  2. Hey nice bike! Looks a lot like the CB400.

    Quick Q: Are you the king of delayed gratification - I notice that you joined the forum Aug 07 and this seems like your first bike???
  3. Thanks. I am a bit of a fan of the CB400 too. :)

    Haha, yeah, it seems that way. Well I've wanted a bike for ages, but it was a combination of being in NSW where 16 years 9 months could get Ls, but then we were about to move to Qld, where I needed to be 18, so I decided to wait. (Not that I had enough cash at the time for a decent set of safety gear AND a bike.) I managed to get some work in time between uni last summer, and while I could've at any time in the past 6 months drop my cash and buy any brand new learner bike of choice, the opportunity cost (and parental negativity :p) prevented me.
  4. Congrats on your purchase! Sounds like a decent buy.
    And thanks for the comparison with other models...gives my shopping experience more perspective. :)
  5. mate, may it bring many many grins to your face...congratulations!!
  6. So how much did you pay?
  7. i took 1 of my mates to go and buy 1 of these as he wanted me to test ride it for him, very easy bike to ride, could throw it around with ease, bit boring for me but perfect for a learner, congrats
  8. $4500, but that's including a service, rego, CTP, stamp duty, as well as REVS and a few other checks to make sure it wasn't written off or owned by any financing company. I'm sure I could've found something cheaper if I hunted private sales, but I'm more comfortable with the piece of mind with a dealer. (Besides, there's not many CBFs to choose from in QLD)
  9. nice bike mate

    i rode one of these in some of my lessons i did before i did the full qride day. very easy to ride and it will definatley give you some fun times

    i agree with the above replies- nice summary of the other bikes you looked at also. some people must have a fair bit of cash lying around, spending 10k on a first (learner bike), personally the 3-4grand is the sweet spot. each to their own but
  10. Nice bike well done, I've ridden one of these while doing my L's and although it was only low speed riding I enjoyed it.
    Popular bike that will be easy enough to sell when it's time to step up.
  11. I was looking at one to get back into riding after a loooong break. I ended up shelling out 3000 for a Hyo 250. After two years the crankshaft let go..this worked out to be a good thing because I cut my loses and bought a GS500F..If I bought the CBF250..I'd probably still have it in the garage. Happy riding to ya.
  12. If it was just 2 wheels and an engine, I'd be saying "welcome to motorcycling."

    You got more than that though... Well done and congratulations. :beer:
  13. Thanks for all the kind replies everyone.

    I went to a car park yesterday to practise. Got my u-turns down to just over 2 car spaces (5.5m), but I'm pretty sure this bike should be able to swing around in less than two spaces. Once I get my low speed skills, clutch control and balance a bit better, I'll be ready to hit the road.
  14. You had me at 'So I finally bought a bike...' - your bike is Black.... I don't need to say much more - Congrats ! :)
  15. iEdd, congratz.

    Surprising that you settled on a single cyclinder air cooled bike, but it's your first, it'll help you break the cherry and I suspect after a while some of the rejected early choices will look very appealing. :)
  16. I reckon the choice of a 250 single is excellant. More punch off the bottom of the rev range, for better launches from the traffic lights, and less need to down shift to get into the meaty part of the power when underway. Crikey, I've had a couple of 2 valve 250 singles that did 130 easily... A dude that I rode with, who had a 600 or 650 Belgarda, reckons he had trouble keeping up with my XT250 (with drum brakes[-o<) and that he was "ashamed" of himself for reving his bike so hard to stay with me!... Long live 250 singles!
  17. Ahh the CBF, those things might not have much get up but they go. I rode one for about 18 months, and it was a great platform to learn on, cheap, good in traffic, ok on the highway and heaps of fun. I ended up positioning my feet so the ball of my foot was on the foot pegs, otherwise my toes would hit the ground often in the twisties.
    M2C, have fun riding mate.
  18. Well brazil didnt win the world cup this year, might need to buy yourself a gs500