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Finally Booked Myself In For My Learners Test

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RedRobbo, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone so I have done my Pre-Learners now and to my surprise never having riden before (and am 40 soon) can ride around in second gear already:). So as the title says I have booked myself in for the test on Saturday. Any advice for me I am still quite nervous as it will only be my second time on a bike. I am really excited but also nervous, worried and i don't mind admiting it scared. Anyway doesn't matter now I have booked it so it's on.

  2. All the best!! (y)
  3. Good luck and just relax...
  4. Are you booked in to do training+test, or just the test? I did training+test last year, but before I had any bike to practice. It was all day 8am to 4pm and I got my L ok, but I wouldn't have passed without the training on the day of the test.

    It was a fun day but driving the car home afterwards I was absolutely tired out from the concentration on new and unfamiliar skills. The weather wasn't great so the trainer kept putting of the riding test hoping the weather might clear, we eventually did it right at the end of the day in pouring rain, the hardest it rained all day.

    I found the slow-ride stage the trickiest, it helps if you gently apply a bit of rear bake, don't stall and keep your eyes looking far ahead.

    The way the scoring works, provided you don't do any instant fail thing, then I think there's enough points that you'd have to do badly on at least two stages to fail. So if you stuff something up a bit, don't worry, just continue and chances are you'll be ok.

    It's good to be a little bit excited/nervous to face a challenge. But don't get really uptight, nothing much can go wrong, it's only second gear, the bike won't catch fire, no one's going to hospital. Anyway failing the test is no big drama, just rebook and do it again later.

    You will have fun and the excitement of slowly mastering new skills. It's not easy if you haven't ridden before, it requires coordination, but that will come with practice. Practice, practice, practice.

    Don't hit the examiner.
  5. you should be fine...just remember to keep your head up & look where your going and relax...
  6. Good luck with your test and of course you'll be fine

    I'm in the same boat, going for my L's in two weeks, excited much
  7. All the best for your test on Saturday.
  8. Thanks everyone for all the good wishes. All going well I hope to come up to and do some of the Saturday morning practices. I will hopefully do some of the rides with you guys as well. I am looking at buying a CBR250R any ideas of good places to buy protective gear Helmet, boots etc??
  9. From Narre Warren - the closest option is the AMX outlet at Lynbrook.

    Here's the link: http://www.amxoutlets.com/

    They got all the good stuff and I'm sure you can get a good deal if you buy the whole lot in one go.

    You can also contact Takamii (www.takamii.com.au) for gloves, jeans and helmets.

    Rest - there's a lot of info (re: brands, makes, sizes etc) here on the forums to assist you in your search.

    Any questions - just ask. All the best! (y)

    NOTE: Remember winters are coming so also invest in thermals etc.
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  10. You'll be fine. If you can already get to 2nd gear and stop - you'll pass the Ls.

    I didn't have any bike experience before I did the practice + test and I passed.

    Just remember head checks and don't ride outside the boundaries and that's about it.
  11. Another tip is if you do need to put your leg/foot down on the ground to stabilise yourself, that's 1 point (nsw). If you tap, tap, tap in one stabalise - that's nearly all your points gone. Best option is to just stop on the first tap and get yourself together. Oh, and don't hit anything ;)
  12. Really? I remember numerous people in my test crashing into the fence/garden beds and constantly dropping bikes.... still to be passed at the end.... They ran outside the lines stalled the bike and still passed, 2 people got put on scooters to get through the test.

    In 1 case 1 person got 2 attempts at the final test.... and still dropping the bike on the last test. They put it down to nerves that the bike was dropped and gave him the permit. I felt like saying something but i'm not the instructor.
  13. Dropped bike was instant fail where i went, as was crashing
  14. Good luck for your test :)
  15. Thank you to everyone for the support/advice:)
  16. Went down to AMX this morning at Lynbrook and now I'm really confussed. So much gear, so many brands. I thinking I will probably go at about the medium range of most things. What I would like to ask you fellow netriders is what is a good helmet, boots, gloves, jacket/1 piece suit, pants, back protectors and advice would be hugely appreciated. I did try on a few things a couple of helmets a jacket. I am getting more excited about it all I guess you can kinda of tell:).
  17. Yeah I remember that feeling. Last year when I was looking for my first bike and gear I looked around a lot and one of the places I went to was PS in city. Bike sales people there had such attitude that there is no way I will buy a bike from them, ever. But, Bill upstairs in the gear section was great. Like you, I had no idea where to start, he listened to my needs and wants, and gave me advice on gear selection with no pressure. Now that I have a little bit of experience I realise that the helmet, gloves and armoured textile jacket/pants he recommended are perfect balance of cost vs quality vs needs, even though I had no idea at the time. So he is a good dude to seek out in my opinion. Chances are it's not the cheapest store, but they have lots of stuff to look at and compare.

    People on NR seem to like Takamii's gear too (he is here, and on ebay), I have not seen it myself but it is next thing for me to investigate.

    My other tip is that I did not to try to choose all my gear on one day. I took 3 visits to pick the right helmet, and another for the clothing. You probably get a better discount if you buy all from same vendor and let them know you might do that, but allow yourself more than one visit to choose it. Worked for me.

    Having the right gear means you will be comfortable, that means 1) you will be safer and 2) you will ride more, and have more fun. It is really important, so take your time and research as much as possible.

    Rather than asking here "what should I get", the question is too general, it depends on what kind of riding you are going to do. It might work better to go looking, talk to a few salespeople, if you talk to a few you will find one or two worthwhile, and find some specific items you like in your budget, then start another thread "what do people think of gear A+B+C for newbie ?". Also you could drive to some place that Netriders are, eg one of the learner sessions, and actually talk to people about what they are wearing and why.
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  18. Thanks mate cheers.
  19. Whatever clothing you buy, make sure it fits properly when you're actually sitting on the bike. The length of the jacket arms, for example, are determined by the riding stance, not how it looks in the showroom. Likewise, check how comfortable the gloves are when your hand is wrapped around the grips. Having worked in bike retail, I can tell you there are plenty of cases where people get this wrong. Look for good brands discounted or on special.