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(Finally) booked my L's course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by taymaishu, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. So I finally got around to doing this - and it's actually pretty convenient. Heading down to Canberra next weekend and thought I might be able to do it perhaps at Queanbeyan.

    Well, I was right. Booked for next weekend to do the L's course. It's going to be cold, but then I thought it suits quite well as there probably won't be many (any?) others prepared to brave 2 bloody cold Canberra mornings to do an L's course.

    Looking forward to getting this out of the way!
  2. Congrats on booking the L's. It's a huge step, and totally worth it. Good luck!
  3. Thanks! St Ives was booked on weekends for the next couple of months so that wasn't going to work for me. This way it's a 2 birds/1 stone situation.

    From what I've read you don't touch the bikes until day 2?
  4. You get to touch the bikes in the first half day, but you get a surprising amount of walking, and some jogging, as well as a wee bit of riding.

    Doing it in the cool of winter down there probably won't be too bad.....
    certainly better than St.Ives on a stinking hot summer day.
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  5. A chilly morning will mean having to have full skin cover won't be a problem :D

    Oh and you will get to touch the bikes within the first hour of day 1 :)

    Good luck and enjoy.
  6. Are you doing a full day course or 2 half days? When I did the P's the other weekend the whole place was full - I was surprised. Two P courses, a full learners group and some private lessons all going on. Hope it at least stays dry for you!
  7. Thank you everyone, it'll be fun for sure!

    @traciv - I'm doing the 2 x half day course
  8. Good luck! Have fund and enjoy!
  9. Hey all!

    Had a wonderful and small group. I was the youngest (28) and only four others.

    First day was full of excitement and my gosh the course moves fast! It was -4 when we started so I was glad I bought gear a couple of weeks back.

    Today was great fun, was really moving my weight around and feeling the bike a little more. For both days I had an old CB250.

    End result - I PASSED! Easily, too.
    End result - I am absolutely HOOKED!

    I had an absolute blast! As I said to the Mrs this afternoon, its not often you can pay a state government body $83 and have 2 days of fun!

    Other news - I've put a deposit down on a CBR250 :)
  10. Woo! Well done! Who was your instructor?
  11. We had Chris who is a great teacher and appreciates a good laugh :)
  12. Drop by @ homebush for the learners session on Saturdays @ 1pm.. plenty of helpful people there..
  13. Congrats on passing! mine is booked for this wednesday, thursday, Im excited, a little worried about failing to be honest, but also do most people take their own helmet and everything. as well as proper riding boots or what??
  14. Thanks all!

    Enrgkid - apparently my group was "the most kitted out L's course" ever haha.

    The helmets Stay Upright have are pretty good. The gloves were dirt bike gloves so the guys without their own froze in the course gloves!

    If you can get gear now, do it! It'll be much better, particularly with boots, as you'll be learning in your gear.

    Don't be too worries at all - it came very naturally to me and nobody stacked it. You get really good help on stopping the bike and changing to 'ready position'. If in doubt, front brake, clutch, left foot down as you stop.

    It really is a great course and builds confidence greatly but accurately. If you're anything like me, you'll absolutely fall in love with riding by the end of your first powered ride!!

    Where are you doing it?
  15. So glad you achieved a good result and enjoyed the course. Now it is practise. And then more practise. Remember the key phrases and you will be hard put to go wrong.
  16. Thanks @taymaishu, I am doing it at Annangrove just round the corner from my place, see I have all my gear except for kevlars. I have Jacket, gloves, helmet and a pair of swift boots I got. but I guess you cant do any more than learn in your gear can you. otherwise you would be uncomfortable to ride every other day.

    Mind you, I will definitely be taking my own gloves, I'm doing the 8am course and it's forecast rain both days:/
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    @Enrgkid That's great - I had all my gear but pants as well.

    Best of luck for the course! The best tip I have is to take it easy, listen to the instructor and watch when they do the demonstrations. There's plenty of time to practice :)

    Also, try and pair up with someone of a similar size. The first few excercises on the bike you'll be pushing your partner and being pushed. I had to push a guy on an old CB250 who weighed probably 120kg. That hurt! Plus, not enough speed will also make it much harder.

    It really is a fun couple of days and you'll have a blast! Don't worry about the rain, if anything you'll get a really good feel for the bike in the wet!
  18. Yea that's what I'm thinking, with the rain thing.

    Oh god I have been told about that pushing them around thing. going to look for the guy closest to my size hahaha
  19. Hahaha yeah - it's not that bad actually - I only had to push this dude 3 times downhill, 3 times up, but I was absolutely buggered after the uphill!

    Best of luck - i'm sure you'll do well and have a great time!