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Finally booked learner test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Didly, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Hey all. Finally booked my learners test today, 2 day course on 9th & 10th of Oct :LOL:

    Now I'm just trying to get ideas for some bikes that will not buckle underneath me, as I am a fairly sizeable guy. I am a weightlifter and weigh 120kg @ 5'11. I like the CBR250, but whether they will like me is another question. So if anyone can throw out some ideas for bikes it would be good.
    I like cruisers too, but from what I hear sports bikes are a bit more forgiving to learn on. All up, I have about 6k to spend on a bike, and 1.5-2k on gear


  2. dont think so..

    i have both a cruiser and a sports bike. the cruiser is much more forgiving..

    seeing as your a bigger fellow, i would be looking for something bigger than 250cc that is LAMS.
  3. perhaps look into the new GSX650FU and SV650SU (i think) that are Suzuki have just announced (not sure on eta), would be a good choice.
  4. Fark me your a big boy, surely not all muscle. What you benching these days??
    Working out/gym helps if your a rider, my bike fell over from the wind the other day and i lifted it eezzzyyyy.

    Any bike would do i think, your not that heavy for a rider. The bike wont break, but performance might be hampered a bit on a smallish bike.
  5. Lol, I'm definately not all muscle. I bench 115kg and squat 155kg. I put a deposit down on a ZZR250. Just need a bike for learners, sports bike are a little cheaper compared to cruisers I've found aswell which helps with the budget.
  6. Thats alright, im only 88kgs, same height as you, and i bench 133kg o'natural. But i've been it gym for 6years now, and got my own. I ran out of weights to put on.

    ZZR250 should do you well, good bike. I dont like the whole 250cc cruisers. I find them a bit poxy having a big looking bike that sounds like a PeeWee 50.

    Good luck with your learners test :cool:
  7. Nice man. I've been going to gym for about...5 months, taking weightlifting seriously for about half that time :oops:

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about 250 cruisers haha. It will probably look just as funny seeing a 120kg ape riding a tricycle down the freeway lol
  8. I can leg press 800 lbs. My arms are shiet tough.