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Finally booked in

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Yes after being here a year and over 1180 posts....i've finally booked in for my L's at the end of the month!! :dance:

    Just better read that little blue book again i guess :grin:

  2. its about time ya nerd!

    im doing a ride up your way in the next few months, be nice to finally meet you :p
  3. Yeah i am a bit of a nerd. :LOL: looking forward to it though..... bloody ankle is still worrying but i'll chat tot he instructrs about it..... may let me take to their bike with a spanner before the test???

    Feel free to call in if your up this way... kettle is always warm at our place....:)
  4. Yes, but he'll probably be off he's L's before you ;) :p
  5. thats what you think ;)

    and drew... out your way id be hoping for some warmth :LOL:
  6. yep... hot coffee and heater runs almost non stop this time of year. -2 this morning.

    the cat might offer you a lap warmer too :p

    wonder if i'll have a bike by then :?
  7. wth?! thatssomepostwhoringbuddy
  8. :LOL: And that wasn't ;) :p
  9. Yay! :)

    And to

    Authorization Granted, Model Selected.

    COOL :)
  10. Good news Drew good luck!! :grin:
  11. Thanks all.

    yep proposed bike looks like a GPX due to comfort level for missus. She's keen on the bike after i've got my full licence... and the GPX was what she liked.

    And NAM..... no its called life interfering with Bike funds.