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Finally booked in

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cruise, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Finally a friend and I have got the opportunity get our license and start riding at 40+.

    Looking to start off with a naked 650.

    Been hesitant to take plunge due to guilt trips, statistics, budget etc.https://netrider.net.au/forums/images/smilies/eusa_boohoo.gif

    Let's see how we go....

    Any advice for mid 40s riders would be appreciated.


  2. best suggestion is give us a location, and look in to the new rider section for tips and mentoring threads, a wealth of knowledge.

  3. Just do it and take it easy and enjoy. Get your licence and go ride, you will figure out soon if its not for you, but I would place bets that once on a bike you will not want to get off.
  4. Welcome to riding Cruise & to Netrider.

    Only problem, It will be hard to find someone who is 40+ here. Riding to inversely proportional to ageing so the more we ride, the younger we get. :D

    So welcome to reverse ageing. We are all 21 here! Permanently.
  5. awww im not 21 yet...... does that mean that im the exception that proves the rule.... and ill age proportional to riding?????

    riding is the best thing ive ever done. its taught me so much roadcraft and i know im a safer cager (when i have to) cause i ride.

    only advice is dont turn into someone my age and just go for the fastest/most powerful bike
  6. Hi cruise - welcome to netrider.

    Yeah, sitting here typing, I'm pushing 50 and not moving it far, but if I can edge my creaking old hips over my ZX14, I'm down to 21 by the end of the street and giggling and whooping like a 5yo in the twisty bits. Welcome to the fountain of youth.

    As one contributor on another forum has in his signature tag -
  7. Hi Criuser, I'm a 50+ learner. My son got me started by getting his bike first. Now i'm loving it and a better cager. Try out any many as you can and get one you're comfortable to handle. Lots of people here and info to help is newbies here at NR. Enjoy !
  8. Spencer, till 21 you will age and then that will stop there as long as you keep riding! :D
  9. Hi and welcome to NR. Plenty of over 40's here. A sprinkling of over 60 riders too, but I won't mention names.