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FINALLY booked in for L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DRMAT, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Well i finally booked in for my learners... been meaning/ trying to get around to it for years and now its going to happen! Weekend after the MotoGp in Sept. My brother in law is going to go for his at the same time as well so should be good. We've got both of us convincing my wife that its a good idea :grin:

    The place said though to keep up any riding (not on the road obviously) we can until then so my skills don't slip except neither of us have a bike to practice on unless we book in for the motorcycle introduction course again but i think that would be a bit of a waste at this point as it was all very easy... although any practice is good practice. Maybe go play some ManxTT at Intencity or something :LOL:

    Anyway.. can't wait, already got butterflies in my stomach!

    Oh we've booked in with MTA in Dandenong.. anyone had any experiences with them? (Also putting my netrider membership to good use!)
  2. you be fine , its pretti simple
  3. Good stuff mate,
    don't worry about keeping practice up, the L's is so easy you'll jump back into gear within 10 mins of being back on the bike. However look for a bike now so you have one after getting your L's.
    I did my L's and took nearly 2 months before finding my bike, that's when the skills get rusty. (not to mention having a permit and no bike starts eating you up inside) Would have been smart for me to do a refresher, probably wouldn't have dropped it on my 3rd ride.

    Go naked
  4. As mentioned earlier, it's simple and easy. :cool:
  5. Yeah i'm not too worried about passing... just the pre-exam anxiety :D Mixed with excitement!

    Was previously only considering faired bikes but am def. considering some nakeds as well. Given we're only be on L's for 3 months i'm/ we're considering being naughty and getting something slightly larger than a 250... seems stupid to buy one for only 3 months worth of riding and all the bike riders (patients) i know keep telling me riding a bigger bike is easier anyway. Got a couple of patients trying to get me onto a Harley, dropping of Harley catalogues as hints hahaha Not a chance of that though, just not my style.

    Whats involved in the licence test to get off L's?
  6. Good luck with your L's.

    You're still restricted to a 250 for twelve months after getting off your L's not to mention your insurance won't cover you if you come off or crash into someone else.
  7. Is it? Better have a better read of the learners book it seems! Ahhh yes... looking now and it seems i overlooked that part... guess that solves that question!
  8. :LOL:

    Careful DRMAT, might be looking at a failure on the written part of your test! ;)
  9. You will be fine. Just listen and concentrate and it will all come naturally. Good luck !! :grin:
  10. And skip the question about how long to be on a 260cc or less bike :D
  11. Good luck with it mate, try your best and I'm sure you'll ace it ^__^
  12. Thanks guys... still a month off yet though!
  13. Well did the learners today in possibly THE worst conditions EVER.... and passed with flying colours. No marks off in the prac and 100% on the theory! YAY!

    It was an appalling day to do the test though with gale force winds (100kmh+ gusts) and pouring rain coming in almost horizontally. Made the slow ride a bit tricky cos the wind was coming across us but everyone got through ok. Bloody freezing hand and feet after a while not having waterproof gear or shoes on!

    Also i can't recommend MTA (NetRider partner) enough. Mark and Tania were excellent instructors with a wealth of experience behind them and made everything easy to understand and do. I did my intro course with DECA at Carrum and found the MTA instructors miles better than the one i had at DECA. I'm sure DECA are good and the guy i had was just a less than perfect instructor but i learnt things today, tips and tricks if you will, that should really have been taught in the intro course.

    Now to find a bike!
  14. Congrat's DRMAT!

    And special congrat's for doing so well in todays weather!

    All the best, and take care

  15. THANKS!!!
    I forgot to mention we did a little bit of counter steering stuff... but rather than just using it on corners i was having a play around on the straight bits as well weaving and such just to get used to using it... and its a really good technique and doesn't take long to get used to. Was a little bit hard to get my head around just seeing the Mordeth vids and verbal explanations, you really have to feel it.
  16. good job mate. Now its all about practice.
  17. :woot: Congrats on the Ls. Good luck finding a bike!
  18. congrats on the passing, now for the fun
  19. congrats on the L's.

    Was it easier cause you had 2 instructors?

    Cutting the DECA guy some slack, it'd be harder with one person doing the job.