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Finally bit the bullet and the Daytona is here

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by drjay555, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. After a long period of contemplation and chewing fingernails off I finally bit the bullet and bought a BLack 2009 Daytona 675 to add to the stable (second hand with only 3200ks). She sure looks pretty sitting next to the Ninja. They look a handsome couple! Almost had a disaster bringing here home on the bike trailer . Noticed her swaying gently side to side in the rear view mirror. Stopped the car and found one of the retaining straps had snapped. Secured her again and home ok. Two more days to rego and then I'm off.

    Pics to follow soon.

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  2. Very nice.

    Is it a track bike or a weekend weapon?
  3. To start off will be a weekend weapon, but sure to get it on to a track sometime.
    looking forward to some twisties in the near future.
  4. There are twisties around Griffith?
  5. Nah mate, gotta ride over 2 hours to get into some really good stuff. Very limited on the curves around here :(
    wont stop me from trying tho' even on the country roads eh.
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  6. Great bike. I had a black 08 model. Loved it! :)
  7. You can find curves in the city................just take those 270deg sweeping freeway onramps pitched over at $1.60..........kneedown....pffft....chin down!

    Nice pick-up mate :)
  8. thanks Bitsar. yeah there are quite a few sweepers around here tho' which makes it ok when you go out for short rides. Also places where you can discover the meaning of 'stretching one's legs' on a bike, but yes, nothing like Tassie.