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Finally back on 2 wheels !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Picked up the GSX750F today after 6 months of being bikeless.

    Picked the bike up at 2pm in Mordialloc and took the long way home, arriving back in Hoppers at 6.30pm. :grin:

    Initial impressions, big, heavy, comfortable but has the go when you need it...alot like my good self :LOL:

    I am loving being back on 2 wheels....how did I ever last 6 months... :?

    Here she is...hope the pics aren't copyrighted !

    *EDIT* All the nods along Beach Rd were appreciated :biker:

    Hope I have met Ktulu's requirements for a new bike thread :wink:


  2. congrats Si :grin:
  3. Ahh Fatso!!

    Have fun out there.
  4. Very nice! Can't believe you were off for 6mths! Must've been pretty awesome getting back on. Have fun :) :) :grin:
  5. Thx Nixy, Fatso she is Holster :LOL:

    Read your thread re taking off from the lights Rosie....I gave her some berries 1st thru third and the cars were a distant memory in the mirrors ...gotta luv it :grin:
  6. :woot: Woo-hoo congrats Simon! I'm sure you & Fatso will make sweeeet beautiful music together

    But stay away from the driveways of Glen Iris ...she likes it horizontal there :wink: right jafu?
  7. So I hear Sarz :LOL: