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Finally a thieving pr%#k caught

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. I love a happy ending.
  2. & I quote "weaving through heavy traffic, crossing onto the wrong side of the road, riding in breakdown lanes and driving through red lights"

    Sounds like an average morning commute! :p
  3. i love his casual stroll at the end into the house.....whatever he was on must have meant he missed the fuking big police chopper that was hovering nearby....
  4. obviously not thinking straight !
    He should have rode to Penrith Westfields, 7km away and duck into the multi-story carpark and disappear !
  5. Apparently he was on the Drugs, Micky. Thinking straight was not an option.
  6. Wonder what the protocol would be for the chopper when persuing a suspect when approaching a major airport? I would'nt think that they will just be able to enter that airspace.
  7. They can, ATC might have to divert air traffic, limit altitude or put aircraft in a holding pattern, don’t think polair would have full use of available airspace for a motorcyclist, unless Osama was riding, I’ve seen F18 jets getting use of total airspace during APEC.
  8. Dont qoute me, but i think if its very important (eg. APEC) they use the air space over airports. But not if its a guy on a bike. I think they go on foot and little buggy things.
  9. like this?

  10. Dont know, thats wat i heard. Thats why i said dont qoute me.
    Prob more like golf buggys or something.

    Ps: those look like theyre from the states
  11. At least i'm not the only one who thought that. You feel a bit naughty for thinking the better way to escape... but its just logical (unless you're a stupid drugged up crim obviously).
  12. :LOL:


  13. Yes. But that airspace usage is planned and promulgated at least 3 months in advance. Airlines plan around it. It is an entirely different thing to shut down airspace over an international airport with 5 minutes notice.

    Having said that, apart from the major flight paths into and out of Sydney, there is a lot of space to fly in when under positive radar control by ATC. For a Police activity, they would get a clearance into the area and would have a fair bit of room to move. But they wouldn't be sitting at 500 feet on 2 mile finals.
  14. . . . .thats a negative ghostrider the pattern is full !

    sorry, had to just drop in that memorable quote !