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Finally, a production diesel motorcycle

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Okay so production is limited to 500 bikes over the next 2 years and they've already got orders for 2000 in Europe alone but it's a start. An interesting feature is the variable ECU which means the engine can run on either conventional diesel, pure vegetable oil, or anything in between. It also allows the rider to choose between high efficiency or maximum power. Engine is a 800cc turbo-diesel triple which may only produce 40kw, but has 146nm of torque. A 15L tank means range should be quite good, especially since fuel consumption at legal speeds is just 2.5~3L per 100km, and only 4~5L at 175kph (top speed is 185kph). Price is 16,500 euro, which is high but not too bad considering the small production numbers. The styling does kinda look like a homemade KTM but it does definately have some advantages over the average petrol engined dualsport/motard

  2. Vegetable oil, eh?

    I guess the pumps down at the local servo will have to be relabelled "Virgin" and "Extra Virgin"...
  3. Yeah I knew about the Enfield and the Dnepr but they're both fairly rudimentary and slow - not the sort of thing that most riders here or in the US/Europe would seriously consider buying. And besides they were existing bikes fitted with diesel engines - this Dutch thing has been designed from the ground up as a diesel motorcycle :p.
  4. There's also the Neander, a cruiser powered by turbo charged diesel: 75KW/200Nm ...
    or at least, that's the plan. It was supposed to be in production by now, but I don't think it is... the usual story of an upstart manufacturer.