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Finally... a bloody hover bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rohizle, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. "Australian engineer Chris Malloy has spent his spare money and time building a flying motorcycle he calls the Hoverbike."

    Cause riding a motorbike aint dangerous enough for some people. Looks fun though... scary as fuck.. but fun.



  2. So, so far he's managed to sit on it stationary?

    Fark, man. Slow down.
  3. Hehe, awesome!
  4. if its a flying motorcycle, shouldnt it still have wheels?

    otherwise, its just a magic carpet with handlebars.
  5. I cant see this flipping over. Nope. Looks safe.
  6. Im just thinking, oooo get me a storm troopers uniform and it's nearly my star wars speeder fantasy!!! :D
  7. I bet mkII has little outrigger props. After the test pilot gets out of hospital...
  8. Imagine the mess it would make if the rider fell into the propeller.
  9. I really hope this take's off...
  10. hands Rohizle their coat... :p
  11. I see what you did thar 8-[
  12. Still worth it...
  13. It looks to have some sort of guard, but you could remove it & make it a custom chopper ...
  14. best post so far
  15. Then you'd really be dicing with death.

    There's a gag here going begging about people who turn up at emergency rooms with parts of themselves stuck in vacuum cleaners, I just haven't quite got it figured out yet.
  16. At least it would sweep the street a bit for the rest of us ;)
  17. I think it blows
  18. This idea looks freaking awesome, i can BET bottom dollar, if the thing is sold to more then a single person CASA will require you to have a helicopter license with some OBSCENE amount of hours to even be allowed to BUY ONE OF THESE BLOODY THINGS.

    Because, a bike, capable of flying at 10,000ft, at 250Kph? Ahaha. If its not banned outright and confiscated off this poor bastard.

    This is Australia, remember HOVERBIKES/convertable planes/helicopters etc all require a pilots license.. Specially those of you in beige-toria. Sir.. did you realise your not riding a motorbike? your riding a rotary winged aircraft.. its not registered.. its not road legal, and ITS AN AIRCRAFT IT MUST BE LANDED AT A PRE APPROAVED AIRFIELD! >.>

    Trust me.. its a enough of a headF**k to land a small 2 man chopper on a carpark, at a hospital, then it is to land some strange device on your front lawn.

    Really cool idea.. but the government will F**k it.
  19. Unless they find a way to mount speed cameras in hot air baloons