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Finally. 2 years later... 2010 CBR1000RR Fireblade!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Rogue01, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Well, Ive wanted a Fireblade ever since 08 and its upgrade to 'best superbike in the world' status. And finally, I have one. To get here Ive been through:
    A 08 baby Ninja
    An 03 R6 with fawked ignition coils, costing me $1500 to fix
    An awesome brand new 2010 ZX6R which went to the ex/mrs
    A really good introduction to litre bikes in the way of an 06 GSXR1000.

    So Tuesday, the friendly man delivered my Lim Ed Orange/Silver CBR1000RR Fireblade.

    With 0kms on it. I got a pretty good deal in the end (but a lot of stuffing around), so I was stoked to get it without a single stroke on the clock.

    My goal is 3 tanks of fuel before Monday.


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  2. the new fireblades are a nice bike, they are so stable! i like that colour over plain red and black too.
  3. Grats mate, as sooooo jealous thats my next upgrade :)
  4. That colour scheme looks absolutely wild. Congratulations!

  5. Rogue01 top looking bike & very original paint job.
  6. Very nice! Is it the ABS model?

    I can recommend Yoshi R-77 slipon, K&N air filter, power commander V, and R&G tail tidy as the first lot of modifications. The slipon, filter and power commander should give you around 162hp at the wheel, and the tail tidy just looks nice \\:D/
  7. Looking at the brake disc it doesn't appear to be abs but I may be wrong.
  8. Thanks everyone :) . Bike now has 20kms on it. Waiting for these clouds to pass.

    Correct! I think the ABS only comes in Black.

    R&G is on my possible list. Im also looking at the Yoshimura and TaylorMade tidies. Just waiting on the accessories chick to call me back; hopefully only a little bit more to get it now rather than wait for shipping.

    I was also thinking about the TaylorMade exhaust, it sounds pretty good. I really like the stock look of it too. I am going to wait til 1st service before getting a new exhaust, filter and PCV though they are definitely on the list. Did you do the install yourself?

    Edit: Finally able to reply. It doesnt like the link to the Yoshi site, so I will attempt to add it now.

    www . yoshimura-rd . com / ps-4428-1799-fender-eliminator-kit.aspx
    Yoshimura tail tidy
  9. I only installed pipe and tail tidy myself, not too difficult and I'm not really mechanically minded. I waited until first service before doing any of the mods as well.

    I like the look of the TaylorMade exhaust, but it seemed pretty expensive (around $2k) and there are a lot of mixed reports about them. I couldn't figure out what to believe so I went the safe option and bought the yoshi.
  10. Not only that but also when it is abs the brake disc close to the centre has another silver disc with holes in it that you can tell whether the bike has abs or not.

    Also as far as an aftermarket exhaust be different, go for something original like this.
  11. Yoshi definitely have the rep.

    The Taylormade is just under $900 to the door from the states (or $1200 from Aussie distributor after I laughed them down from $1880). Opinion seems a little torn as you said, but it may be user error too heh. The customer service seems first rate, so I might be willing to give it a shot.

    The other question I have is; did you get a 2010 specific tail tidy? From what I am reading the 2010 undertray is different to the 08/09. I dont know whether the sizes are different or it is just easier to remove though. The yoshi site specifies a different part for the 08s as well.
  12. Nice... very, very, very nice(y)
  13. The R&G tail tidy is the same for 08-10, it seems to fit nicely, looks stock and I'm very happy with it. I didn't have to make any modifications to make it fit, I just had to cut the wires for the oem number plate light and splice them onto the new one (which was easy).

    I heard good and bad reviews for the taylormade, I really liked the look, it looks nicely integrated which is something a lot of the other exhausts don't do very well. I think if you can get one for under $1000 then that sounds pretty good, I don't know whether or not they make a difference in terms of performance. I also read that they were pretty loud (mind you the yoshi is not exactly quiet, but it does come with a db killer if you have to get it tested).

    I had also read that the yoshi was fine to use with the stock mapping and that a power commander was not required. This is bullshit.

    I also only use 98 RON fuel.
  14. R&G might be the go then, I havent heard back from bike shop accessories. Was hoping to get this all done on my days off. Only heard good things about them.
    Ill only be using 98 as well, same as my car and all my bikes thus far.

    Im not super concerned about power (its a litre bike after all), but I do want it to run correctly hence my interest in a PCV. The sound and look for the exhaust is what I mostly want.



    Definitely original, but it doesnt really suit this bike imho ;)
  15. Rogue I am stuck for words so i'll spell it LUCKY BASTARD!!
  16. You b@stard! I'm so fcukin jealous! Nice work. Now just keep the shiny bits off the black stuff and stay between the ditches.
  17. One nice looking ride man. Add me to the growing list of jealous folk.
  18. Taylormade tail tidy on order! Will post pics when its installed. Got my HRC tank pad today. I have 191km on the bike now, a few things Ive noticed:

    Its bloody light
    Low and midrange is deceptively powerful... really really strong
    Exhaust sounds alright for a stocker... through tunnels
    It is so very very agile, like 600cc agile
    I may lose my license.
  19. Once you start modding I don't think you'll be able to stop.

    On that note make sure you ponder a lot on the last point you made and watch out with all that readily available power on tap at the twist of your right hand : )
  20. Very true. Its all too easy. My brother lost his 2 weeks ago on my GSXR before I sold it. $1.58 in 100ft. Almost 10 green ones.