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Final drive oil

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by phil01, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. does anyone know if you can use lsd 90 (limited slip diff oil) in a motorcycle
    final drive? like a v star shaft drive rear drive?.
    with cars this oil is always rated as heaver duty oil so just wondering if its great
    or a complete fail for motorcycles as i have a heap of it.

  2. use proper bike diff oil!!
  3. yep use the right stuff or take a chance with it screwing up and possibly locking up and throwing your ass on the road
  4. Proper diff oil is normally ATF90 isn't it? At least that's what I put in my old CX500...

    How does LSX differ from regular diff oil?
  5. You'd probably get away with it, but considering that even the heftiest bike final drive takes about a tablespoonful, why take the chance for a minimal saving?

    Use what your manual specifies. Don't worry too much about whether the bottle has a motorcycle on it or not, but at least use the correct viscosity and spec.
  6. There is an exception to that PatB; for example, BMW specifies this bloody castrol SAF-XO formula you can't buy in this country in less than 205L drums. The national distributor's technical department on the other hand, while not formally condoning their alternative XA oil wrote to me that they wouldn't have any concerns about using it instead. And it's certainly done the job for me and many others for more than a hundred thousand so far.

    On the plus side, a bike FD doesn't have any friction elements, so you can use pretty much any similar oil to the manufacturer spec, LSD or open.
  7. True enough. Personally I've never been that anal about what I put in my gearboxes and FDs, bike or car and I'm yet to break one. I do take care to avoid putting GL5 in anything with bronze or brass bearings 'cos I've heard that it can eat copper alloys due to a high Phosphorus(?) content, but other than that, if the smell makes me boke when I open the bottle, I'm happy :D.
  8. 6105608 SAF-XO 75W-90 1 litre $42.95

    Any Repco dealer should be able to get it for you, it's what I use in my K1300.
  9. rewind a few years - WAY before the K13's came around. Time you go back to the 1998 K12's, and they don't exactly go back and change the spec for the old ones.

    I'm still using the bottle of XA I bought in 2006. Less than 180ml per change, it goes for a damned long time!

    edit: don't get me wrong - thanks for the info - it's just too little far too late for many, and what we used in the interim hasn't been causing problems.
  10. Honda tells me to use HYPOID GEAR OIL SAE 80 which is just a basic diff oil and that's the minimum rating I can use. On my last change I used Castrol 80/90 diff oil.

    As long as you meet the minimum standard for your bike the you should be ok on any diff oil.
  11. Diff oil is lighter than engine oil--yes
    Engine oil is lighter than water--yes

    Weigh your diff oil and factor in viscosity and diff capacity.
    You should be ok.
  12. Lol
    I shud have got a uni student to do s thesis on it.

    Went n got yamalube today ; easier than researching the answer
  13. you have to be the biggest tool in the box mate - what's wrong with following the damned manufacturer directions and matching it with the numbers on the can?

    Engine oil and gearbox/diff oil viscosities are not at the same operating temperature. You'll find that if you correct them for that they are more similar than you could easily measure at home. Pointless for this discussion anyway!