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FIM regulation - limited electronic

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by abvc, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Launch control and electronic suspension are banned - this doesn't do anything about traction control and wheelie control.
  2. it's a start, though hate the way they are all looking at removing race time/shorten races etc......why not just reduce testing days and run all day fridays as testing/practice (people are already at the tracks, so people get to see more on track action and it might also help reduce testing $$$ as they are already at the track anyway) :?
  3. And no Friday morning practice!!!!
    So hopefully Friday will be half price??????
    Bring back the 500 two strokes.
  4. And as others have pointed out, it does nothing to reduce cost.

    Surely the largest cost is the R&D and making a few tweaks around the edges isn't going to help.
  5. It probably won't make any difference at all to those japanese manufacturers whose parent companies are hemmorhaging all over the place. They will cut racing altogether until they are profitable again.

    Small dedicated bike firms may well respond positively to the technology limits, but the practice stuff is arse-about exactly as Stewy says.

    Maybe it's related to the five engine rule, but it seems to me that those teams who already have lots of data on their current setup will be best served by this decision.
  6. The most important change has yet to be revealed; everyone will have to race with a crook wrist :LOL: :roll:.
  7. I agree with Diggler. 500cc 2 strokes are more interesting to watch.
  8. Electronic suspension control will certainly result in the following - remembering we are back to passive suspension and not adaptive suspension.
    - More high-sides
    - More wheelies
    - More rear-wheel-off-of-the ground action
    - Will upset the bike powering out of corners......

    Remember, these bikes are tuned so everything works in unison - suspension, throttle control, clutch.......

    Although, I could be wrong.

    Oh, one more thing - BRING BACK THE 500cc 2 STROKES.
  9. Are they for real? :shock: :shock: Here we are a few weeks away from the start of the season and they decide to change the rules. WTF?
    MotoGP is fast becoming a joke. Less technical innovation then the plain old superbikes that Joe public can go and buy. I'm pretty sure Yamaha have some type of active/electronic suspension on the R1 race bikes.
    And as for the 250GP replacement bikes, allowing anyone to buy the other teams engine -what a joke. Why would any one bother to develop an engine that the other teams can simply buy?
  10. ... when the racing starts, the bu11 sh1t will stop........
  11. I think most of us agree with you 100% :)
  12. The rules changes are for mid season, from around July.

    Less technical innovation? I haven't see a Superbike with GPS adaptive suspension yet. Nor launch control.

    WSB have moved to outlaw the adaptive suspension trialled by Yamaha and Ohlins last year.

    The whole intent of the Moto2 rules is precisely what you suggest will happen. They don't want bikes that no one can afford to run, given that this is supposed to be a feeder class. The Aprilia that you need to buy in order to have a chance to win costs over $250,000 (ea).

    The very issue with Motogp is the costs. Whether the new rules are the right way to fix these I am not sure.
  13. Eh? I thought it was supposed to be the premier race series. Not the cheap arse every body run the same bike one. They may as well run a Honda CBR600 cup FFS