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Filthy bike theives

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tobio85, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. So imagine how annoyed I was this morning when I got into the garage and noticed that someone has decided to have a go at the ignition with a screwdriver. Not exactly sure what they were planning to do with once the had it running and a disk lock on.

    What's even more annoying is that you need to live in the building to get into the garage so it's nice to know you are living with such f***stains.

    Anyone have any idea what this might take to get fixed? Luckily the key will still turn but I don't want to have it fail miles away from home.

    Anyway if you are reading this then you're a c**t.

  2. Go to the wreckers and get a new ignition assembly. either put it on yourself or take it to the mechanics to chuck it on. good luck
  3. :? I read this... does that mean I am a c**t? :p
  4. :LOL: @ Booga

    If they were reading it, it's prolly on a stolen computer with their equally fcuktard mate reading it out to them...
  5. sounds like a pretty amature attempt at theft maybe keep an eye out for a young punk about.

    New/second hand ignition barrel take it to the locksmith to get new keys cut to suit barrel take it to your tech to install or do it yaself.
  6. Sounds more like someone in your complex does not like you having a bike (noise when starting etc.) so has decided to f**k you up by vandalising your ignition.
  7. You know disc locks are good for ride away theifs (10%), but im more worried about those pick up ute van type thieves(90%), which most of them are.

    dont see to0 many thiefs walking around the street with a helmet in one hand and a screw driver in the other

    And dont see to0 many theifs riding the streets helmetless in the middle of the night either

    try to bolt something down on the cement and lock your bike to it
  8. barsteds,

    sorry to hear man.
  9. god I hate bike thieves, my bike was stolen from a secured garage. Damn them to hell. At least the bike wasnt stolen, get a new barrel from the wreckers not sure how easy it is to actually remove the barrel though.
  10. Has anyone experienced bike-sabotage? I have this re-occurring nightmare that someone will tamper with my bike while I'm out because they are drunk/arseholes/vindictive etc!
  11. better yet....go all undercover cop on it, catch them in the act, and beat the living fcuk out of them. Then give them the choice, of you kicking the living shit of them again, or you calling the cops...when they opt for the second arse kicking, kick the fcuk out of them and call the cops anyway, and break you own nose before they arrive, and claim it was one hell of a fight. Sprinkle some crack on said theif prior to police arriving. Maybe get your girlfriend in on the act, and say he tried to sell her drugs and when she refused he tried to have his way with her, and get him done for attempted sexual assualt, supply of a prohibited drug, assualt, break and enter, attempted theft, possession of drugs and attempting to leave the scene of the crime. Wait the 5-10 years it takes for said **** to get out of gaol, and park your motorbike with the key in the ignition right out the front of the release doors at his gaol, and repeat.
  12. hey at least your bike was still there, a mate walked out to his shed on saturday to find the door had been forced open, and his 07 Suzuki DR650 and his $28,000 limted edition 06 CBR1000RR were both gone.

    they would have cracked the ignition lock to bust the steering lock
  13. Revenge is a dish best served with a nice red :)
  14. this will get you a fine from the nice parking inspector/policeman. The rest i'm happy with!
  15. did this come with a free Krusty Fergusson to teach you how to ride it?

    or a free Fonz, to teach you how to stand next to it in lygon st?
  16. And a bowl of fava beans
  17. nope, came with gold marshacinis forged magnesium wheels ($5,000), electronic steering dampener, wave discs alround, titanium coated screen, up graded brakes and lines, full leo vince exhaust systems, mind you he paid 18k for it, was a special the local shop done to get them out the door as the 08 was coming and they still had 06's
  18. Easy Tiger, each to their own :wink:
  19. I wouldn't be crediting them with the ability to read...
  20. So to flog a dead horse, he had his $18000 CBR1000RR stolen (minus 2yrs depreciation) :p