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Filth Lovers Burn In Hell ...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, May 22, 2010.

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  2. i don't know if anything can be said without offending anyone...

    its just insane, everyone needs to get over themselves, not telling people to change their ways just because something is offensive to them. if something offended me for whatever reason, i would just disregard it and ignore, not get all cranky and start burning flags etc.

    whatever happened to common sense?
  3. I agree with you Jimmy, but I can't overlook the fact that "everyone draw Mohammed day" is not a case of someone living their daily life in a way that just happens to offend someone. This is a blatantly provocative act with no clear purpose or intention other than to piss off a group of people by deliberately proposing something known to be offensive to them.

    Please note that I am not justifying the reaction. However this isn't really such a legitimate case of asserting freedom of expression, so much as asserting their right to thumb their noses at a religion on the basis of their religious views.

    I think common sense might have said that everyone draw Mohammed day was a stupid idea in the first place.
  4. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
    We need to send a couple tons of cerment to Pakistan it seems.

    Bloody nutters:rolleyes:
  5. Why is it stupid?

    From what I can see, this is simply dipping your toes into the waters of an inevitable cultural war.

    When an ideology is really threatened by such trivial and superstitious actions, you know how shitty they will get when you start criticising their social morality.
  6. The trolls seem to have found themselves a larger, juicier, easier target. After all, why get random people on the internet merely annoyed when you can so easily get a whole nation onto the streets, burning flags and calling for blood?
  7. When we all meet up in hell I will supply the marshmallows.
  8. What makes a culture war inevitable? Islam has been around for over 1000 years - why is a culture war inevitable now?

    What makes the action trivial? Why is your perception of this as a trivial and superstitious action more valid than theirs?

    Further more, upon what grounds should their social morality be criticised? The fact that they discriminate against their women? Pay them less than they pay men? Or do they mandatorily lock up people who enter their country without proper visas? Do they practice religious intolerance perhaps?

    From what high ground do you state that their social morality requires criticism?

    It's stupid because it achieves nothing of use to anyone apart from alienate and annoy. There is no moral or ethical high ground - much less victory - in encouraging as many people as possible to piss a certain religious or ethnic group off.

    On the contrary, if we were to agree through civilised and rational, reasoned discussion that there is in fact grounds to challenge the social morality of islamic nations such as Pakistan, then taking steps such as this stunt merely makes it harder to engage in any meaningful dialogue, by reinforcing (worse still, accurately and correctly!) the notion that the west will deliberately antagonise and insult islam if it is given an opportunity to do so.

    Surely common sense would dictate that if you actually, genuinely want to challenge the social morality of another culture or society with the goal of making improvements to the living conditions of those members of that society, that you would seek constructive avenues for engaging in that debate???
  9. theres no reasonning with islam, it's a cult not a religion, ...and it's the fastest growing cult in history...assmilate or die is their reasonning...they have no tolerance for anyone else who's not a muslim...you are less than human to them and your views have no merrit.

    it may be stupid to draw pictures of mohamed and aggravate these retards, but so what, you're free to do so if you please... it's in their response that lies the true retardation.

    someone should just blow up Pakistan...**** diplomacy, nuke the lot of them
  10. god damn I love the smell of irony in the morning
  11. it's worse than that.
    they did'nt even draw a picture of me.
    i still want them of this planet.
  12. who are these "Filth Lovers" ?
  13. If it is such a sin to depict the prophet Muhammed, won't those who draw him receive eternal punishment?

    Why would any muslim think violence is required to punish anyone in this lifetime or plane of existence, when they believe Allah will take care of that in more severe fashion than they could ever imagine?

    ... unless they lack faith, and doubt the "truth" of Islam...
  14. I dont think he necessarily means war with guns, just a battle of cultures as such. It's inevitable because there are two completely different cultures living on the same ball of rock and globalisation and increasing technology are making the rock smaller.

    Another thing that makes it "more now than then" is that within the last 100 years the west has undergone a huge shift from strict moral guidelines to no-morality-anything-goes in the name of personal liberation. I can see the islamic world being more opposed to that then it ever was to the conservative christian way of the world.
  15. Meh. A stereotypical extremist Islamic response IMHO.

    Ban the fking extremists I say, regardless of religion. Are they any worse than the Westboro mob? It's a shame that nutjobs can hide behind religion.
  16. We should never ban "extremists".

    What a horrible thing to say.

    Violence is already banned.
    We must preserve the right to freedom of opinion, speech, and satire.

    And anyone seeking to limit the entitlement of others to such freedoms should bear the full weight of their community's ridicule and derision.
  17. But, but... I thought *everyone* on this site, like, totally digs the whole nanny-state thing :-s. Obviously you are a deviant we must burn. With FIRE!
  18. As opposed to?
  19. Carpet?