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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mugen1, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. hey! wondering if any of us beginners have been are thinking of filtering..

    i done it once or twice in medium traffic with decent sized gaps

    would try not to filter thou..

    what are your thoughts on filtering as a beginner??

  2. try searching.....i reckon there might be a topic on this :wink:
  3. :shock: surely not
  4. I tried searching but I could only find threads that discussed which glove to put on first.
  5. What's filtering?
  6. It's the process immediately after putting freshly ground coffee beans in to the coffee machine.
  7. ...and you can be fined for that!!!! What's the world coming to?
  8. I don't get the "which glove first?" thing. Can someone please explain it.

    Please I feel like an idiot for not getting it.
  9. People are taking the pi$$ a little.
    If you do a search you may find threads on it.
    Essentially the most inane recurring thread to have existed on Netrider is the “Which glove do you put on first†thread.
    So when threads covering topics already covered (Ad nauseam) reoccur the glove topic comes up to have a jibe (It’s a bit of an “In Joke†that is now public knowledge (So to speak)
  10. Sorry Viator, but you're going to have to search it. I don't have enough ink left in the keyboard to explain the whole thing.

    One thing's for sure Chef, the world will be a cold and angry place when the gummet finally introduces 0.00 BCC.
  11. If you put your left glove on first you'll generally fall off the right side of bike in a crash, whereas if you put your right one first you'll fall off to the left.

    Of course that's for the southern hemisphere, so you wont read about it on the northern hemisphere forums. :wink:
  12. And all this time I thought the reason behind it was to leave your right hand free to give your nose that one last 'pick' b4 heading off :wink:
  13. After all the wise cracks no one has actually answered the the guy's question ... so can someone please tell me whether you put your gloves on before your helmet or do you do it the other way around?? I can never remember.

  14. Err. Helmet first so that way you can actually get the helmet strap through the links properly with minimal fuss.
  15. O.K. sensible answer.
    From what I gather in NSW All filtering is illegal so any time you do it you are chancing an encounter with the popo… (See Smee’s link for further reference on the legality issues.)
    When it comes to how sensible is it…
    You have to have very good bike control, good feel for your dimensions and weight, and be able to read traffic well. You have to be able to read as gaps open and close, and control your bike with a confident degree of finesse.
    If you are willing to take the legal and safety risks, and feel that you have the required control then knock yourself out.
    Filtering and splitting has an increased risk from your proximity with cars, and an increased safety from protecting you from being rear ended, and letting you get clear of traffic at the front of the queue…
    Make your own risk assessment from there
  16. Helmet first, then you scoop your long hair that has tucked itself inside your jacket... do a Marcia Brady head flip, fasten helmet then gloves. LEFT glove first.

  17. *sigh* Seriously Jase :roll:
  18. Sorry I am feeling helpful today.
    My apologies. :oops:
  19. Meh, i thought it would of been locked by now anyway.

    I thought 'filtering' had been made a sticky? Not that i ever check these things.