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Filtering (white lining) / Speeding and general hooliganism

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by craigsyd, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. First post here and would like to know the following regarding biking in Australia with particular reference to WA (Perth).

    My partner and I are seriously considering emigrating to Perth and being an avid biker and not having driven a car for the last 6 years I would appreciate it if someone could assist me with the following information regarding biking in Australia (Perth). Please pardon my ignorance if any of this seems to be common sense but as I never find myself behind the wheel of a car I need to know whether I would love biking in Australia)

    Is white lining (Filtering - driving between lanes) permitted or frowned upon?

    How serious are the speed limits? (kindof a dumb question - I know) and are there roads, breakfast runs, where one can burn a bit of rubber without losing ones licence? How well are the speed limits enforced?

    Is there anything in particular you think I should know regarding biking in Australia that is not the norm where I come from (South Africa).

    Many thanks in advance
  2. Hey...

    mate well most of Sth Africa is already here so you won't be alone in that regard....

    I'm a West Aussie by birth and my family is still there but I moved east a while back...in fact my sister is a WA Copper....

    So first thing you should know is that in regards to traffic law Australia is probably the most policed state I have seen anywhere in the world - maybe Holland is the same...but in one of our states (Victoria) 3km/hr is enough to get you a fine and demerit points....

    So there is always considerable debate about lane splitting - some states it is technically legal, or legal when the trafic is stationary, or legal if you don't cross a line...but generally it is frowned on...Most of us still do it in certain (but safe) circumstances....

    Back on speeding...In western Australia they use Multinova radar speed cameras which take pictures from the front (no numberplates yet on the front). However the suburban roads and the major south west roads are fairly highly policed. WA is a little bit more relaxed than most of the other states in some ways as they are the only state that allows radar detectors (not that they're much good).

    Are there roads you can go for a blast on? Yeah of course - you'll just have to find them...As you know Australia is a massive country and the cops can't be everywhere! (Just look out for my sister hiding in the bushes in the middle of nowhere! (yeah I DO give her sh*t about that!!!))...WA does have twisty roads despite being generally flat - particularly the south west corner is an awesome place to ride....

    Bottom line is mate - Perth is one the the most beautiful cities I have been to or lived in (and I have been to many). I live in Canberra now - but that's because my life revolves around skiing....But every summer my heart pines for Perth. The best way I can describe living there is that its like living in a beach side resort - life revolves around the ocean, the river and sport (you do realise that you will not be allowed into Australia unless you support the right teams!!!!!!!????). In fact business meetings usually start with a discussion on sport!!!

    Anyway - good luck...frankly you can't go wrong....And welcome to Oz....

  3. Oh...and in WA they don't really play any form of rugby...It's Aussie Rules all the way! (so get used to it!)

  4. It's a looong way to the SW corner to find those roads though.
  5. sweet!!!!! who's coming to perth with me :D
  6. Thanks for the cool reply jdm.

    hehehe yeah I know between UK and Oz South Africa has a large representation. I am pleased to read what you say about Perth. I have been hearing nothing but good reports about it and you have confirmed what I have been hearing, so I am getting pretty excited this side about our move.

    Ok so lane splitting is a yes/no. Something I will have to get used to. Its pretty much a free for all this side and I can quite easily do in excess of 120kms/hr between cars on the highway here without as much as raising a coppers eyebrows, so it looks like I will have to adopt a new riding style once I arrive. But then again, if everyone is pretty calm about things, it probably is a lot easier to get used to

    Speed limit wise? Is it the normal 60kms/hr urban and 120 km/hr freeway or less?

    I have been reading through a few of the posts here and it seems that one cannot park on the pavement/sidewalk/pedestrian area?

    Camera traps - are pretty much from the front here as well.

    Aussie rules!! Yeah! (scuse the pun.)
  7. Hey Craig,

    You won't be disappointed with picking Perth. I still miss the place heaps. The summers there are fantastic.

    As for biking roads, they are pretty straight and flat compared to NSW and Victoria. Gravel and wildlife would be your worst hazards. Down in the south west, there are some curves, but nothing to compare them to the Spurs or Great Ocean Road here in Victoria. Your Viffer should eat them up though.

    As for speeding, WA is probably the most relaxed state. The coppers tend to wait in the townships and are brutal on any form of speeding into, through and out of towns. Common sense really. They will ignore most sensible sppeds out on the open highway. In Perth itself, it is highly policed and they are not as lenient. Towns/suburbs are 60 km/h while the highways are 100 km/h.

    Filtering (White Lining?) is generally accepted but not strictly legal. Just don't be a d&*k about it and you would be fine. We all do it.

    I think Perth has quite a few South African ex-pats living there. I you get there, please have a beer for me at the Cottosloe Beach Hotel on a Sunday afternoon.

    Take it easy,

  8. If you do a google search on anti-hoon laws mostly what you will find relates to the dracconian laws of western australia.
    South Aust. has recently gone down the same path in relation to anti-hooning legislation.
  9. Perth does seem to have a particular problem with hoons though.

    Ah, and watch out for those roads when wet. As it doesn't rain very much through the summer, they tend to build up a nice oily greasy patch down the centre of the lane. The slightest hint of rain turns this into an ice rink. I know most places have a similar problem after long dry spells, but Perth's is the worst example I've seen as it doesn't wash away as most other places.
  10. Take a look at Qld scooter, those b@stards will conficate your car or bike if they "deem" that you are "hooning".
  11. Well if that's the case Jake, then that's at least 3 states where that can now happen.
    Victoria really has dropped the ball on this one.
    maybe that's why hairdryer really lost his job.
    Hooning, enjoy it while you can.
  12. Nope, it scheduled for next parliament sitting.
  13. Lucky i got my gixxer back on the road yesterday.... Going for a blat-hoon now :LOL: :LOL: