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Filtering vigilante

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Leighbus, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Ok so I drive a fairly big 8 wheeler truck with a 6 wheel dog trailer for work, the other day I was on the gateway stuck in the morning traffic when up ahead I see a little red ute driving erratically in the right lane, I soon realised that he was trying to block motorcycles from filtering past him, every time he saw one coming up behind him he would nose his car over to the left very close to the car in the left lane to try stop them however the bikes would just slot in between the cars in the left lane and slowly get past him as the left lane was moving slightly faster than the right.

    Eventually I came up beside him and as I did I looked in the mirror to see old mate coming up the middle on his road trail bike of some description and sure enough here comes the red ute to save the day for all mankind sticking the front of his ute into my lane very close to my truck leaving old mate trapped. So what do I do, I turn my truck hard left and very slowly move all 45T of truck onto the left shoulder and waved old mate through and gave him a thumbs up as he rode past and he gave me a wave back, lol he was probably thinking what the hell just happened, I would have loved to see the look on the guys face driving the ute.

    I've only been riding for a little over 3 months now but I think it's definitely changed my perspective on motorcycle riders, ill admit that I used to be like the guy in the red ute although maybe not that extreme but since I've started riding I have realised that motorcycle riders are just like truck drivers people don't respect how hard or dangerous it is for us and car drivers are all assholes that need to be educated.
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  2. Thankfully from my experience people like the red ute driver are as rare as tits on a bull. People moving over like you is a far far far more common occurrence.
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  3. You should have merged into old mate and then said "sorry mate didn't see you" (SMIDSY)
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  4. :D I do admit to feeling that way on occasion, but thankfully it's rare.
  5. Good stuff mate.
    My brother admitted to doing similar crap as the red ute. He also says if he rode a bike he would probably filter to, go figure. I told him we do it due to the heat and the danger of being rear ended, so hopefully he wakes up to himself
  6. Good on you mate.

    I often find truck drivers to be pretty considerate of motorcyclists.

    The red ute driver's behaviour is thankfully, the minority.

    I always give a thankyou wave to any driver that moves over to let me through, I figure it can only help driver perception of us.
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  7. Good on you mate, I find most cars and nearly all trucks are pretty good with bikes but I get at least one ass hole a week that wants to either block me try to intimidate me by getting too close, must think they are helping out Nobby Newman rid the wold of those pesky bikers.
  8. When commuting on the Monash I come across one of these idiots every 1 to 2 weeks, get the usual txting crowd who wander around a lane, but the ones that do it on purpose are real idiots.

    I have always found the Truckies to be great while splitting, stick to the middle of their lane never had a problem with a Professional Driver, Taxi's excluded!! ;)
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  9. See you got confused over the subtle difference between Professional Drivers, and Driving as a Profession, and those who shouldn't be in charge of a donkey much less a Taxi.
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  10. Nice work :)

    Just for counterbalance, This weekend my wife has been complaining about a biker filtering and pulling in front of her during the week.

    Problem was she was in a lane that was going to run out and planned to accelerate fast and pull in front of the traffic in the other lane.

    Unfortunately the clown on the bike took off slower than all the cars around him :p

    That sort of rider shouldn't be filtering imo and only makes it harder for the rest of us by making drivers anti biker.

    (I told her next time to make sure she's pull right up to the lights and has her nose ahead of the car next too her, then the bike is more likely to pull in front of the other car instead of her ;)
  11. Leighbus - you are a gentleman & a scholar, good on you.

  12. Just out of curiosity how loud are your pipes? Not trying to start a loud pipe debate but I've always had quiet bikes and I have been blocked off 3 times in 7 years of daily commuting and one of those was fair enough as the bloke splitting in front of me knocked off his mirror. Wondering if an unintended consequence of loud pipes is you alert the arseholes you are coming.
  13. Stock Pipe, so don't think it is a they hear you coming thing.
  14. Hmm don't wanna put it down to a Sydney v Melbourne thing as Sydney is full of arseholes. Cant really explain why there is such a discrepancy in our experiences of getting blocked off.
  15. Don't know, I am just lucky I guess! :cool:
  16. When I was in Vic in September I was amazed at how wide their lanes are on their freeways. They're made for filtering :)
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  17. Great work. I agree with the general consensus here. Cockheads that bad are rare (ish) thankfully. I often find them amusing because ultimately they just can't block. Maybe for a second, but there is usually a way around them.

    Also agree that I have not come across a shitty truck driver. They seem thoughtful and curtious (I'm sure there are some exceptions, but I haven't found them).
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  18. Having changed exhaust from stock to somewhat louder I've found all that happens is that (very rare) blockers will here you earlier and move across earlier - which makes it easier to pick another route. Those awesome drivers who move across to allow you through also notice you earlier and move earlier - so I dont think is changes the behavior as such, its just means it happens earlier...

    Oh, and you're more likely to get kids in the back seats checking out your bike :)

    Have found helps with the lemming iPeds we get a lot of in Melbs though.
  19. Well yes my pipes are reasonably loud 95 db when you give it a fist full, but I filter at pretty much idle. Just this morning I watched some knob in a dual-cab push their way across two lanes of traffic, then when he spotted me two cars behind him he shut the gap so I could not pass. I slotted left and went up the other side in the breakdown lane and he moved the front of his car towards me as I went past. I guess he had the shits that the traffic was bad due to problems with traffic lights or maybe he just hasn’t been laid in a while and is a wanker. I commute and hour each way so have a lot of contact with cars and as I said most of them are good I even find cabbies pretty good most likely because nearly all the cabbies in Brisvagas learnt to drive in India where they can fit a car and three scooters and two push bikes into one lane. The worst ones I find are courier drivers oh and the guys that drive the little pretend trucks they must have truck envy.
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  20. Well to top it off this arvo I had a stupid little c@&7 p plater's girlfriend open the door on me not close enough to get me more just a sort of this will scare the shit out of him type thing. Sort of like what I did when I stopped beside them and blasted the air horn, they stopped laughing pretty quick.
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