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VIC Filtering using a turning lane

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MrData, May 18, 2016.

  1. Hi guys and gals,

    I had an interesting experience tonight on the way home. I usually head home on the Monash (CBD to far SE suburbs) but given the awful traffic decided to head home via Canterbury Rd, Eastlink, yadiyada.

    On Canterbury Rd, not sure which intersection, I filtered through some heavy traffic eastbound between the lanes, got blocked, went around the right and then down the right turning lane to pip before the queue of traffic. At the same time, the right arrows were turning red and a guy coming the other way (I think) ran a red. I saw a flash, light turned green, I headed off.

    Afterwards it occurred to me that I may have triggered the red light camera for the right turning lane as I tucked in before the head of the queue.

    So, my questions:
    1. Has anyone had a similar experience?
    2. If I have been caught, given I'm on my Ls, what is the impact on my license?
    3. Following #2, what do you think my chances would be of arguing the "I was filtering in the right lane as it was safer than the middle", etc., and copping the fine for filtering on my Ls?

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  2. My uninformed opinion would be that you wouldn't have triggered it, (if I'm reading the situation right) otherwise wouldn't that be a common occurrence of cars speeding up to the line of the turning lane only to brake at the last minute when they see they won't make it? I'm guessing you came to a stop at the front of the queue before heading off again?

    Also, was the camera pointing at you from the front (photographing the other red-light runner from behind) or behind you? You only have one license plate....
  3. Yeah, that's where my heads at too, just thought I'd raise it. Looking at Googly maps (I think it was Canterbury Rd and Station St), the camera was on the other side of the two lanes of cars and I was tucking in towards it which means if it got a picture of me, it would be side of the bike.

    I suspect it was the other fellow who actually did run the light...
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  4. You may have triggered it if you moved over the sensors after the light had changed.
    As you didn't move into the intersection though you would probably not have entered the picture frame.
    I wouldn't worry about it.
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  5. Good point.
  6. oldcorollasoldcorollas - thank you, I'm here all night... try the veal ;)
  7. at this time of night I'd be hoping for a greasy kebab :p

    oh, and if the flash is coming from in front of you, you're always safe :)
  8. Oh yeah, that's a great idea! I'm still working so I could murder one of those.

    Indeed; I'm just not sure if the flash was before or behind me... oh well, I'll find out in 6-8 working weeks if I get a letter demanding payment ;)
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    Last edited: May 19, 2016
    in NSW, a double flash is red light, and single flash is speed. not sure about down there..
    although a few "safety cameras" around here have double visible light flash for red light, and infrared flash for speed...

    if you haven't moved between flashes, you're 99.9% safe

    fwiw, you can find all camera locations here AND if you hover over each camera, you can see the compliance certificate :)

    plus if it was one of these two.. totally safe :p

    When a fixed camera is installed, it undergoes thorough testing before it starts to issue fines. During this period, the camera is said to be “pre-commissioned”. Pre-commissioned cameras will operate as normal, and may flash if a car speeds through an intersection or runs a red light, but no fines will be issued.

    The following locations currently have pre-commissioned cameras:

    • Intersection of Springvale Road and Canterbury Road, Forest Hill
    • Intersection of Canterbury Road and Mitcham Road, Vermont
  10. Heh.... It wasn't Springvale nor Mitcham. Now that you mention it, I do think I've seen the double flash on red lights and it certainly wasn't a double.

    Thanks! :)
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  11. the other thing is the red light cameras will sometimes let off a single flash randomly, as part of normal operation.
    not sure if it is some kind of synchronisation thing, or if it's just cycling the charge through the flash capacitor.. but is not uncommon

    pvda said here that vic cameras double flash for both speed and red...
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  12. Flash's and double flashes have always been a mystery: Reminds me of the IT Crowd: :)

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  13. Is filtering using a turning lane legal? There's nothing in the qld rules saying it isn't. Technically, you're not riding between cars.
  14. Not really sure to be honest... hence the question. I don't think it's explicitly covered.
  15. Suspect you're OK but the 2nd picture might have got you if you crossed the line.
    You should know in 2 or 3 weeks.
    Admitting another offence won't help, just get you another fine and more points. Its 3 points if they ping you.
  16. Hmmm... food for thought, thanks.
  17. maybe the flash was from someone grabbing a quick selfie with the mighty CBR!

    as others have said I don't believe nudging the line will trigger the flash. sounds to me like this is a bit of a 'flash in the pan'. sorry couldn't resist.
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  18. So If the red light cam is for turning right on a red light for right, and you didn't (went straight), assuming you don't admit to lane filtering prior (being on your L and not identifiable on this forum) and you went straight on a green light then what's the trouble? "Sorry I drifted a bit, I'm on my L and still learning to control the thing"
  19. I think the offence is not stopping before the line. If you went straight from the right turn lane when the arrow is red and go across the line for that lane then you're cactus.
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  20. Hmmm. A different view. Well, we'll see soon enough :)

    Having ridden past there today I suspect I did trigger the camera but would have been occluded by the two lanes of traffic

    I hope ;)