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Filtering Scenario

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Popollo, May 10, 2012.

  1. In general, I won't filter unless traffic is at a standstill and isn't going to move at a steady pace. However, every morning I am faced with a certain intersection that almost begs to be filtered. There is a right hand turn where the bank-up is so bad, it actually starts blocking the lane that goes straight. I've tried attaching a crude diagram. There is no left hand turn here so on-coming traffic can only go straight.

    I've hi-lighted the traffic bank-up in yellow and 2 routes open to me in red and blue. I'm curious how people here would handle this. If I filter to the front of traffic in the straight lane to the left of the bankup and then tuck in front of stopped traffic...it can be dangerous as I am holding up people behind me that want to go straight at 70km/h. It is dangerous to go say 50-60km/h and then slam on my breaks to tuck in front. If I try to hug the stopped traffic...I still risk being sandwiched or clipped by straight traffic. This is the red line. If for some reason the light changes while I am filtering to the front, I can try to tuck in if there is space or trace the blue line as there is lots of space on the turn. Any suggestions on what would be the best way? Sorry about the size of the picture...it got sized when uploading. This is the intersection of Pennant Hills Road and Becroft Road in Sydney.

  2. Two questions; in your direction of travel, do the straight-ahead and right-turn lights go green at the same time (or red at the same time?); and how far back does the stationary traffic build up?
  3. It queues back quite far...at least far back enough that cars wanting to turn right block the straight lane (which itself is pretty long. Since there is no turn from people in the opposite direction, straight traffic is almost always green or green and slightly banked up. If the right turn is green, straight is always green as well. People turning right are the only ones that need to stop going in my direction.
  4. Gung-ho filterer though I am, I treat situations like this with some caution. Where there are two right turn lanes, I'll go between them but where there is only one, there aren't many safe options and your chances of seriously pissing someone off are quite high.

    Unless there is plenty of room to tuck in front, I'll generally accept that this is one spot where I'll have to wait with the traffic (carefully positioned and watching my mirrors of course). If there's a bit of space up front, I'll chance it, but it can result in having to do a fairly hard take off whilst leant over, which isn't great practice if you're inexperienced or if the road's wet or slippery.

    There's a junction on my usual route home where the situation is similar but for a left turn. I'll go up the right side of the queue for this one but I know the light sequence well and there's no chance of being left stuck out in moving traffic.

    Maybe just accept the delay of not filtering on this one.
  5. cross country . straight through them trees
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  6. My advice would be.....

    Filter on the outside of the right-hand turning traffic (on their left {a risk} but still in the right hand wheel track and visible to the traffic behind you)...

    When you get to the front of the queue - accentuate your position by getting in-front of the first car to turn right, ensure you are clear of the traffic which is continuing straight ahead (now to your rear-left) - on the green, GTFO...

    This type of scenario and strategy is a multi-day occurrence for me.....

  7. I agree with this.

    When I filter, I try to do it the least illegal way!!!

    The turning lanes will be sectioned off by an unbroken white line, which is not meant to be crossed by cars - same on the bike.

    I would go down the middle if there were two turning lanes, or (probably) sit it our with regular traffic if there is just the one lane.

    You also risk serious road rage if you just cut in the queue at the front. If I was driving, I'd be pissed off if you did that! I dont know how that is different to filtering, but it is!
  8. haha, why would you worry about what they think? Or pissed off if it happened to you?
  9. I wouldn't.

    You have to go fast enough not to slow down traffic behind you and go slow enough to be able to brake hard and swirve at the front. It's also a situation where no one will be looking out for you. People here complain about SMIDSY all day long then ask if this filtering move is worth it?

    You can't have it both ways.

    The only time I would filter to the front is if traffic is banked up in both lanes, which would allow you to safely filter to the front without having to worry about the people behind you (because you are in the middle and everyone else is stationary or moving very slowly) and you don't have to come to a sudden stop in front of someone who is ready to accelerate and not expecting someone to just jump out in front of them from the non-turning lane.

    It's a foolish move.
    Sure, you could do it, but it's not safe.
  10. When you are talking about stopping in a short space with cars behind you doing 50-70kmh on the realisitic assumption that you will be travelling straight on, I wouldn't be too trusting of the cager behind you stopping in time. Further even when you do reach the front you'd better be ready to go immediately in case the lights change as those at the front of the right hand turning lane will not be expecting someone to just cut in and may simply be waiting to floor it from the lights.

    If you really need to do it, keep your pace down a bit, indicate early and be prepared to accept a bit of abuse from those behind. I'd rather cop an earful from a cager than be shunted or simply run down.
  11. I agree with this. None of the cagers will be expecting a bike to shoot across into the turning lane and if you screw up you could potentially overshoot (possibly into oncoming traffic!), get hit from behind or get hit by someone taking the turn. Definately not a win situation. Wait the 2 min here and make it up filtering somewhere safer.

    Not to mention that someone will one day take serious offence to being cutoff on the turn. I don't like pissed off cagers beside me while turning, doubt you do either
  12. Tricky situation. I don't think I'd be able to help myself, I'd have to filter.....

    These things can happen:

    1. Lights remain red. There are no gaps in the queue of cars, so you have to come to a halt past the stop line in front of the lead vehicle (hint: have a plan in case one of the cars in the queue is a police car, since crossing the stop line is an offense; In this case I'd just continue straight).

    2. Lights remain red. There is a gap large enough in the queue of stopped cars for you to pull into. I'd pull into such a gap if it was available in preference to stopping ahead of the stop line.

    3. I'm assuming staying in the forward lane at the red light, to the left of the right hand turn lane is a non-option as the right turn light may remain red while straight ahead is green.

    4. The lights may change to green while you are filtering. In that case, you pull into a gap which opens up.

    5. Only once in this situation where the light has changed to green and the cars started moving, a gap hasn't opened up before the point at which I had to turn. The cars were all turning right with insufficient space for me to join in. In that case, I picked a car, matched it's speed while still going straight before the turn with me on the cars left left and turned with them but wider than them, so that I never got in their way. With the turn complete and me on the nearside (ie left of the road), a gap had opened up behind the car I was turning with, so I pulled into that gap.

    When I'm filtering I like to keep it polite and never cause anyone else to brake or change direction because of my filtering.
  13. If that was Europe, where your red and blue lines are turning, about 3-4 cars would be lined up there, all waiting for a gap and then they would go back into 1 lane once they got across the oncoming traffic. (see pic)

    So by using similar logic, I would take the Blue Line. You've got plenty of room to slow and and stop if need be, and when there's a gap, you'll easily get round the bend and down the road without blocking any of the cars turning along your Red line.

  14. Yeah funny how I never filter but the only place I want to is this sort of tricky situation because it s always there. The past couple times it has been ok to just wait in the queue. Today, it was back to being bad again. What I did today was wait in the queue for 1 light cycle until I could fit in the turn lane...then filter closely up the left hand side while I knew the light was going to stay red. Because I waited for the light cycle...there was nobody in ANY of the straight lanes to get upset at me...they had all gone.
  15. I'm a mad keen filterer - but the OPs situation here is full of 'red light' warnings for me.

    Apart from anything else - buzzing along in a moving lane next to a long queue is prime positioning for some cager to make the sudden decision to change their route and go straight on instead of turning - therefore commencing a sudden 'pull out without looking' manouvre from the queue into your lane. Be mindful of this.

    As others have said - maintaining a safe speed to avoid the traffic behind you AND stopping at the front of the queue is going to be a fine act to time, particularly if the lights change at just the wrong time.

    Perhaps consider filtering down to the RIGHT side of the queue of cars? You know none of the cars are going to pull out right before the lights and there'll be nothing following you so you can do it at a very careful speed. If traffic starts moving you just slip into a gap, if you make it to the front then be prepared to pull away and turn quickly. This is only possible if the spacing permits it.
  16. The biggest red light warning is asking this kind of hypothetical on the internet.

    Each day you might need a different track. If you can't pick it CONFIDENTLY you way well end up a speed hump.

    Hesitation and self doubt is IMHO, the biggest danger to filtering.

    Be confident and assertive about it, and you will fell like Moses some days.

    Ride safe, ride true.