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Filtering/safety music video

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Realist Rider, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Would love to hear what you think

  2. I have a short attention span.... too much of the same over and over, only kept watching waiting to see the reason why we filter
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  3. It's a video of you filtering. So what?
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  4. I'm not sure where the "safety" aspect of the clip is.. its a non talking video of you filtering.. whats the lesson here?
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  5. I'm with jaytee ^ don't get
  6. ^^ Yep agree. Not trying to belittle your effort but you need to:
    1. Indicate the jurisdiction you are in, filtering is not legal in Vic for example.
    2. Show the legal limitations on filtering.
    3. Indicate the difference between filtering and lane splitting because the police will certainly do that.
    4. Show some of the etiquette
      1. Leaving space for other bike flowing you once you have reached the front.
      2. Handling blockages
      3. If you touch someone's mirror on the way through.
    5. Show some of the dangers,
      1. Cars closing gaps on you.
      2. Lights changing before you reach the front.
    etc etc, you can't do it all but pick a strong theme for each one you make and a simple answer/solution and do all this in a 60 second block. Have another go with the footage you have to demonstrate specific situations.
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  7. "The Survival Story".... What exactly did you survive? I didn't notice a massive rear-ender/pile-up in your mirrors anywhere?
  8. Is it supposed to be ironic? I.e use strong language about how dangerous filtering is then show how mundane it really is?
  9. Survival story???????????
  10. The man in black fled across the dessert.
    The gunslinger followed.
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  11. I always hum the Benny Hill theme tune.
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  12. I really need to re-read that series.
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  13. Brilliant idea! all I need to do, is add music, pretend there is a saftey message and I wont get slapped by Smee for posting boring commuting videos. He he.. ;)
  14. Hey great feedback - initially when I made the video, I had some images of local tail enders with motorbikes but I elected to not use them due to their graphic nature.
  15. it is a good video if you are demonstrating how to filter.

    the 'safety' benefits explained or discussed at all. a non-rider would just see you zipping up the middle at traffic lights without understanding how it is improving a rider's safety - based on your dedication to our 'fallen comrades' I feel you meant that to be the major part of your message but I think you missed it.

    you could also make a comment about the guy in the right lane sitting upright with both feet on the deck and the bike in neutral.
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  17. ok then, how's this?

    it's a video of you filtering
  18. not fcuking me it isnt
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  19. ok then

    it's a video of filtering
  20. dude
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