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Filtering past the boys in blue

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tiff, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Ok, not one for starting a new thread on a whim, but keen to get your thoughts on this one...

    I commute in every day from Sandringham down Beach Road to Port Melbourne and into the city. Generally a relatively easy run with some easy filtering between Brighton and St Kilda.

    Coming in this morning and tootling along between a lot of stationary cars and spotted a patrol car about four cars in front. As the traffic was about to move I slotted in and then stayed put until I gradually (5 mins later) got about 4 cars in front of the cop (where he wouldn't have had line of sight to me) and started filtering again.

    From what I can gather from the posts on this site and VicRoads, filtering is legal? Should I be worried about trickling past the cops (obviously being careful not to knock their mirrors!) I normally wouldn't have worried, but still being on my L's :) and the fact that the Ducati following me (not normal for a Duke I know :shock: ) also stopped with me, I thought I'd ask everyone else for your experience on this. Ever been stopped/pulled over in peak hour for this type of thing???
  2. I'm not sure if it's illigal or not but i split past cops now I just make sure i keep the bike quiet and don't do anything stupid, as long as you don't go flying past i don't think they mind.
  3. Filtering, like a lot of things, I generally avoid doing in front of police. Let's face it, you'll always lose the argument if you do get pulled over, I'd rather not take a chance that next cop won't be a ball-busting tyrant with a grudge against every motorist.
  4. I have filtered past cops before. When I filter through stationary traffic, I'm in first gear and beloew 20k's. I think you'll find that it may depend on the cop as to whether or not you'll get pulled over. If they're having a bad day, or the cop's an arse, you'll get busted. If they're pretty relaxed, they'll more than likely leave you be.

    There's really no hard and fast rule in regards to filtering past the boys in blue.
  5. you would be ok but.. better safe than sorry.

    I mean the power is all with them. They could charge you with illegal parking at the traffic lights if they want and you will have to defend it. (or the far more common canary)

    Obviously you can but whats the point? Show exagerated respect. You dont have to feel it. I would behave exactly the same way as you did.

  6. I filter past all the time but as stated above it depends on your attitiude. Safely riding through the traffic no cop will pull you up, as he has little chance most of the time, you will be many cars ahead in no time.

    It is a technicality but it has been over looked for years as an offence.
  7. Thanks for the advice - I'm always impressed how quickly people respond on these forums. Nice to know other people are having a fun Monday morning too :grin:

    The previous owner of my bike was kind enough to have the factory fat pipe fitted, so it sounds nice and loud and pops when coasting with the throttle closed which makes being quiet a bit of an issue.
  8. Ditto, Thats why i just pull the clutch in or kick it up to 4th and coast past them :grin:
  9. We discussed this when we went for our learners. Our instructor told us the rule is very unclear, however depending upon the officer you may or may not get away with it. If you did get done, they might be able to charge you for changing lanes without indication (repeatedly) if you crossed over the white lines.
  10. yeah i dont like to split lanes when i see a coppa car. I just split and then pull in behind them unless i go past an unmarked car and then its like "oh shit"
    Id rather not risk it, ill wait until they turn off
  11. Tiff, I commute the same way up Beach Road.

    Must have been a similair time 8:10am or so, saw the cop and decided not to split.

    When I got about 5 cars in front, off I went.
  12. I would be careful - if its highway patrol, or a single guy in a candy car i wouldnt do it (and possibly TOG) - those guys are fanatical and will ahve to just for the hell of it.

    Divvy van/ute drivers (eg 2 coppers on patrol) and i wouldnt worry at all.
  13. I filtered past a booze bus and a drug bus one morning on the tulla freeway. The traffic was stopped, and i did it at low speed. The next day at the same place I filtered past a divvy van. I never got an infringement letter so it must be okay. ;-)
  14. Never had a problem filtering past the boys.

    BUT generally I think anytime the boys look at a bike they look down upon you, especially on a sportsbike so you have to be careful around them. Just dont do anything stupid and they should be OK.
  15. What are they gonna do? Filter themselves to catch you, good luck? :LOL: :LOL:

    I dont mind as long as I can filter at about 10kmph (enough room on either side to comfortably filter).
  16. I guess the other thing, particularly down Beach Road is bike lanes. The law is pretty clear on this one, but personally do you prefer to filter slowly between traffic, or do you take advantage of the nice wide clear bike lane?

    I occasionally use a bike lane, but only where I could use a left turn as an excuse if I see some red and blue lights.
  17. quite honestly it just depends on the cop. some don't care & will let you go, some will book you for it.

    i'd err on the side of caution & NOT filter past a cop just to be safe, but that's me. I filter when I can't see cops though.
  18. At the end of the day, Are you going to ride in fear of being booked? Or are you scared of the big blue gang?,,hell,, ride safe, stay upright, an take em as they come.. :cool: