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Filtering past a cop

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slicko, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Normally i filter through the traffic lights all the way home but yesterday was different. There was a cop car along the cue. Now im not in the mood for any encounter with the police so i decided to go with the flow of the traffic till the cop disappears.

    Did i do the right thing or will they have left me alone if i did filter past them?

  2. tough one.

    I've filtered through traffic and realised one is in front of me and stop behind them. havn't filtered past them though 8-[
  3. don't know in nsw but if you're going to make sure you have an indicator on.
    don't know why just seems to be the "law" from memory on all the filtering arguments on here.
  4. If I see a cop car I stop filtering till they're out of the picture. Unless its totally STOPPED traffic, eg. an accident. In which case I'll go past them in a different side of lane to hide.

    I'm sure many of them wouldn't do anything about it if you were doing it at a sensible speed and looked stable, but its not worth the risk if you can actually see them.
  5. I doubt they would've made the effort, esp they had elsewhere to go, if you were being 'safe', going at a reasonable speed, traffic was still, indicating if you change lanes etc. But if it had been your unlucky day... who knows! Coulda woulda shoulda.

    Just in case: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=26081
  6. Btw, my personal excuse of choice: I was sitting in traffic and a big 4wd was coming straight at me and didn't look like he was going to brake in time so I ducked into the middle as we were taught at the Ls course, over and over again. I was just then trying to find a spot to duck into :wink:
  7. Don't do it, just not worth it really.
  8. what Filtering or filtering past a coppa??
  9. i wouldnt do it past hwy, but i do past GD's without even thinking about it. getting through the city on a saturday night on the way home from work? it would take you hours if you didnt split becuase of all the sick bros cummin in to chaddup da hunees yeah bro. and there are plenty of cops cars mixed amoung em. they dont even notice you splitting especially when mustafa up the road is getting his GTR sideways down george st...
  10. The traffic was still and it was a long cue i was moving in a safe pace. Decided to move behind a car when i saw the red and blue.

    Thank for the input guys.
  11. +1
    It is not an offence directly in NSW, however other offences can be derived from it. (I won't go into them it's been done to death)

    Usually the GD's couldn't be bothered if you do it in a sensible manner, but tempting a Highway car would only be for the brave.
  12. Haha, I'll remember this one. Just might come in handy....
  13. If i see one i'll stop, or filter as long as there is a line of cars between me and them.

    Though i have filtered right past one without realising untill i was next to them, and didn't have any indicators on. They didn't do anything so i just kept going.

    I'm just wondering if any of you would change your oppinion if it was a cop on a bike (which was a reason i stopped). Would they filter to get you or wouldn't they do it with the panniers they have on the sides?
  14. So when did panniers stop anyone filtering :LOL: ?
  15. In NSW Motocycle Police are part of the Highway Patrol unit. The bike riders are often among the most generous when it comes to issuing TIN's> ie: They love to give you one.

    If there is enough room, they will likely filter to catch you, or just wait for the traffic to start moving then come and get you.
  16. I've filtered past a number of cops. I won't do it deliberately, but they have an annoying tendancy to hide in front of a truck so you can't see them until its too late. Have had a couple of coppers give me some seriously bad looks when its happened, but none have ever done anything about it, and some didn't even seem to notice i'd gone past. Wouldn't do it deliberately unless it was a car park for many kays ahead, and as already said I definitely wouldn't do it deliberately past Hwy Patrol.
  17. ive filtered past a couple of hwy patrol and other assorted cop cars, they seem to love the roads i travel. ive also had motorcycle cops follow me as i was filtering, when i go to the front i pulled to the side and he pulled up next to me and said "Gday"

    i do it cos the roads i travel on are crap and filtering saves half an hour on a 45 minute trip.

    none of the cops seem to mind. maybe ive been lucky
  18. In general you will not have a problem as long as you are filtering sensibly. Everytime it has happened to me they dont really take notice.
  19. Once upon a time in 1987, while filtering up through traffic stopped at the lights on Chapel St, the lights changed just as I was a car length from them. Being young, and riding an RG500 two stroke, I gave it a handfull to get the drop on the cars in front, and managed a screaming wheelie across the intersection. Right past a police car at the head of the traffic :shock:
    I noticed an empty car space half a block up, parked smooth and quickly as I could and walked straight into the nearest shop. It just happened to be a pizza shop, so I ordered lunch while watching out the corner of my eye the police cruise very slowly past :LOL:
  20. :LOL: