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NSW Filtering on L's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Doc Martin, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Hello to all ,
    I have a question relating to Filtering laws in NSW.
    A couple of days ago i was sitting at a set of lights in mild traffic at night, and along came a bloke on a road/trail zipping through the cars waiting at the lights , filters through to the front and waits , light goes green and away he goes.
    At that point i realized he was prominently displaying an L plate on the back of his bike.
    Obviously i know on L's you are not supposed to be filtering but my question is ,
    Does anybody know the penalties for doing this ?
    It wouldn't be advisable with a big Yellow L plate on the back of your bike, he was moving pretty quick, don't reckon he would've been able to notice an unmarked patrol car sitting in traffic if there was one .
    Cheer's for the info ,i'm just curious to know.

  2. full licence, over 30km/hr = $623 and 3 points

    Ride motorcycle while lane splitting at speed exceeding 30 km/h $623 3

    the legislation says that full licence holders can filter, but doesn't specify the penalty for a L/P licence..
    does that mean the above penalty applies?
    or back to the old not staying within lane or indicating type of penalty?
  3. Yeah , thank's oldcorollas !!
    I didn't actually know if there is penalties under restrictions at all , just knew it shouldn't be done, hence why i was asking ?
    Thank's again for the info much appreciated.
  4. I'm not sure either...

    JustusJustus ?
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  6. so for full licence, >30 is splitting, < 30 is filtering
    but because L/P are specifically not allowed to filter, then any speed is considered splitting? (even though penalty is for >30?)
    wonder if < 30 "splitting" could be argued in court? (at great expense)
  7. My own law just says " Do it safely". Realistically, if you aren't doing anything stupid, you'll be ok. A police car, in traffic, has no chance to do anything unless they happen to be in the front couple of rows.

    Only issue you might have, is if you crash or hit a pedestrian, because you might not be covered by insurance if you were breaking a law. But seriously, that's pretty unlikely if you are following my law of "Do it safely"!
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  8. They don't need to pull you over on the spot to fine you, they just need to get the rego plate and you'll get the fine in the mail. Kinda sucky, but never underestimate the ability of a pissed off cop to hang a fine on you if they think you've earned it.
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  9. So if u filter at 35kph which is actually 5kph over it cost u $623 , what wankers. Cops can go get fcuked.
    I have been filtering for years. The thing about it is that the cop is going to be stuck in traffic. I went past a pig few years ago stuck in a traffic jam , I was filtering in kerbside lane and he turned his sirens on and I just gassed it.
  10. I am on my red Ps. I filter at the lights 95% of the time but not in slow moving traffic (as yet).
    I generally always have a check around for police before I do it. I don't do it to be a smart arse. i do it because I believe it lessens my chances of experiencing a dick head alert when people don't look up but creep forward because they peripherally see that the tail lights in front/ side begin to move.
    I am happy to risk the points and fine but would argue strongly on safety grounds. My choice. I
    I used to do this all the time on Anzac Pde as it was always zoo time and quite often saw police . I was on Ls then ps when Idid this. Their interest was zip again.

    Hovered on filtering to front to the lights the other night, decided to sit in the line of traffic, next minute HWP rides past very very slowly checking each and every car in the queue to see who was on phones. Pinged one.
    Interest in me zip.
    I really think as long as you aren't chucking a mono up the middle of traffic and don't take off from the lights like you are in pole position in a Motogp you will be left alone...
  11. I reckon the speed should be set at 40km/hr instead of 30.

    Actually no, it should be 50km/hr. :wacky:

    Filtering up to a set of lights is easily done < 30, but splitting on a highway is much harder to stay under that.

    I'd like to say too that over the past few months cars are slowly coming to grips with the legality of filtering. I've really appreciated trucks recently who most seem to proactively give me room to sneak past.
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  12. -Filtering stopped traffic to the lights, do it all the time.
    -Splitting slow moving traffic at slow speeds, when the lanes wide enough and under caution.
    -I don't however split traffic at 80kmh+ on freeways, seen to many closecalls.

    If you see a cop locked in traffic, keep going and don't look back :p
    Most don't seem to care, however I have had a couple light up in protest.

    If you do get pulled up, just say you've almost been turned into a pancake twice today and that you simply are trying to put yourself in a safer position and taking due care to do so. Just indicate into the gap and most people seem to be fine. They can write you a ticket for anything if they choose to dislike you.
  13. Thanks for all the info everybody !
    This all seems to be good news and its also good to hear that most drivers are now getting used to the idea of filtering.
    Maybe all the ad campaigns on the telly are starting to work.
  14. The splitting rule only applies to filtering above 30km/h. It cannot be applied to any other illegal ways of filtering.

    Basically the filtering exemption to rule 146 does not apply to L and P platers. This means that you can be booked for not driving in your lane. It is 2 points and $242.
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  15. Just be-careful.
    While many are neutral on bikes going past them, many do not and do act hostile. Expect a few drivers to close gaps, open doors or try to race you off the lights. Don't go racing through gaps expecting people to be on your side, especially when they see a yellow L plate.

    Also be aware that in the rain, the white lines can be very slippery.
  16. Im on L's and honestly everyone i talk to doesnt seem to understand what the fuss is about filtering... the response is "if you can do it, go for it, just dont hit my car hahha" I would strongly argue the fine based on safety grounds and common bloody sense... id rather get booked for filtering in standing traffic then get cleaned up by that idiot on the phone updating facebook...

    a classic example was a year ago i was in my land cruiser coming down the M4 (major road in sydney) in the morning so peak hour traffic stop start deal... hyundai i20 in front of me and a pajero in front of her... Pajero accelerates with traffic leaving a gap of 3-4 cars infront of the I20, What happens next amazes me. The I20 seeing the gap accelerates to say 40-50KPH, at this point the pajero has slowed down to a crawl lets say 10-15PKH, I20 continuing her course runs into the back of the pajero with only a flash of the brake lights right before impact totaling the front of the i20... I drove past and looked at the driver of the i20... she was clutching on the steering wheel with both hands... phone between her hand and the wheel. Felt no sympathy for her...

    The fact she didnt see a 2ton pajero infront of her with 3 brake lights glaring enforces the point of never trusting cagers.. infront AND behind...
  17. btw Doc MartinDoc Martin .... wasnt a white and blue bike with black wheels guy in a black and red riding jacket and a black helmet? :confused:
  18. Hello all. At least NSW have recognised filtering. In Victoria it is still being debated, so technically illegal to split/filter. I believe further discussions and recomendations are due this September and hopefully they adopt the same logic as NSW. Personally I prefer to move through traffic to avoid sitting at the rear of any stopped, slow traffic and potentially being rear ended, is my greatest fear!
  19. Yeah , that's my thoughts too , don't really trust any cars in traffic.
    People do silly things at lights, like creeping forward or change lanes without a thought as to whats going on around them.
    Ed, it was a black helmet, didn't really notice jacket as he had a back pack on, was a blue bike but was a a bit dirty and also it was dark.
  20. Doc MartinDoc Martin oh ok, not me hahaah, noticed where your from thought i might have been spotted haha. guess ill see you around then :p