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Filtering... On A Postie?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sidney, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone

    I was wondering, since I ride a postie. Would it be a good idea to filter on a postie? I don't have a problem riding inbetween cars. It's just that since my bike isn't that fast. What happens when I'm the first person to take off? I can get a lead infront of cars normally when I'm sitting at the front but what if there is a cager or something that isn't happy with motorbike riders splitting? I'm afraid of someone accellerating very fast so I can't make it to the front and I'll be 'stuck' if you know what I mean.

    I havn't really filtered before but I have a few times when an ambulance has been behind me so it gave me an excuse to get away with it.

    Good idea? Or na?

    cheers :p
  2. lol id never filter with an ambo at the rear
    all the cars move over and kill u.

    anyways just filter to the front and get behind the 2nd car if u cant take of fast enough.

    Thats what i did for a while.
  3. Guy on a postie filtered past me yesterday. It was a slow intersection so he was fine, but I can understand your hesitation.

    Filtering is always a judgement call anyway, being on a slower bike just adds one more judgement that needs to be made.
  4. Good job that you're thinking about it. Be considerate adn all is good.
  5. Well, here's one solution:

    :twisted: Force fed! :twisted:
  6. man people split to the front on their 49cc scooters..

    you'll be right.
  7. gold... use the footpath if you must.. just throw an orange vest on.. and yes if a 50cc scoot can do it you can too.
  8. I don't filter on my postie bike because it's an inconvenience to other motorists. They resent you if they're held up at all, and rightly so. It doesn't help the argument for lane filtering.

    I see it no different to a postie bike pulling in front of my Hornet at the lights. I would be held up because of this person's selfish attitude and would justifiably be annoyed.
  9. it depends how deep the lines of cars are. As a rule of thumb if there's more than, say seven/ten deep (this is Mebourne central traffic) they're likely to pull off before you get comfortably to the front.

    always choose a car, three or four away from you, to get in front of should the lights change before you get to the front.

    preferably a single, female driver as they're less likely to give you aggro. Sexist? yes, kept me away from idiots? also yes.

    drivers don't like you hammering past either. You have to remember that having a bike inches away from them will makes some of them tense/ nervous.

    People react in a very flight/fight manner whilst driving. Just make sure you're not on the end of the 'fight' response. (a high gear is good as it doesn't make them jump either)

    If someone is being aggressive in your mirrors get into a different lane and get away from them.

    this has turned into a filtering lecture, my apologies, but of you don't have the power to change your situation fairly instantly, then you need to plan what you're doing fairly effectively before you get all squishy under the wheels of a moron, or a car that easily out accelerates you.
  10. Yeah I feel bad when I get one car back from the front just as the light goes green. Dumping it in 1st filtering past the two people at the front can startle them.

    (They can't understand why a really loud whipper snipper seems to have suddenly materialised next to their open window)

    I try to keep it in 2nd in these situations coz it's easy to look like a tool and freak them out.