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Filtering mishap - What should I have done?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Primax, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Was in a near miss today on Royal Parade in Melbourne.

    Approaching a red light I filtered up the left of stationary traffic, which involved entering a bike lane. The light turned green and as traffic started off I synced with it to reenter traffic, as afaik filtering is only legal with stationary traffic. This would have all gone according to plan but the cager on my right refused to budge to let me in, riding the bumper of the car in front. I stuck with them for 50 metres in what was becoming an increasingly dangerous situation before deciding to cut back out across the bike lane to pass the car in front. This went fine.

    As I pulled up at the next red a lycra clad cyclist pulled up next to me and started mouthing off at me about cutting him off. I tried to explain I was stuck but he wouldn't have it and was getting very aggro at me, saying filtering is illegal and he rides and knows better and so on. I tried to not engage him as I can understand him being angry but ****s sake, what kind of idiot rides up the arse of a motorbike that is being blocked out of traffic?

    I'm curious about feedback from people here. What could I have done in this situation? The only thing I can think of is being more aggressive early on and filtering despite the moving traffic and avoid the situation entirely... I don't know. I'm still a learner and figuring a lot out.

  2. next time jam a stick in the cyclists front wheel that will shut him up !:popcorn::popcorn::bannanabutt:

  3. Mistake mainly because you used the bike lane so big norti and illegal currently.

    Mistake so slow down and tuck in behind the twonk
  4. Filtering persay is illegal at all times. That said, there is no such law about filtering in particular, but it can be interpreted that you are unsafely apssing traffic.

    As a bicycle rider as well, I can probably offer my opinion. Bicycle in the bicycle lane have right of way all the time (this is my personal feeling, not an official interpretation) and as such, if filtering in the bicycle lane, then you have to ensure you aren't impeding any bicycles at all.

    As a bicycle rider, it would probably piss me off if I was being slowed down - because it takes a hell of a lot more effort to regain my speed on a bicycle and gain momentum again.
  5. Noted - this is more advice I can use too.

    Jebus I love NR already!
  6. Oh really? So filtering is illegal if I have to enter a bike lane? Good to know.

    Slowing down would have been the best option I spose but I was trying to watch car in front, car next to me, oncoming road and mirrors so my attention was spread very thin... and not being sure what was behind me I'd not be sure if it'd get me out of trouble or into more of it... I guess as I get more experience it'll get easier.

    Edit: All filtering is illegal? I thought I read here that it wasnt.. Hm.
  7. My advice would be to only filter up if you know for certain you can reach the front before the light goes green, that way you can take off infront of the pack and not worry about getting squeezed out.

    If you feel the light may turn before you reach the front just sit in line and wait with the others, you wont be saving much time anyway.
  8. I use the bicycle lane now and then, so although illegal I don't agree with smee that it was a mistake, I do agree on his second point though - the second you realised you weren't going to get in you should have dropped back and found another spot to drop in.

    On a side note - when in the bike lane just remember you are in the cyclist space so always give way to them. There is no excuse for cutting the guy off, you should have known he was there and exactly how close he was before you moved back into the bike lane.
  9. I dunno why, but I am always hesitant to filter on the outside of the lane, I feel safer squished in there with cars either side of me.

    Agree with the point about not filtering unless you're likely to reach the front. I've not been filtering for a long time, nor do I live in an especially traffic filled place, in fact, I don't really see anyone else filter ever, but I generally don't filter unless I've just missed the lights, that being said, a number of times I've seen a light change while I'm mid filter and thats what I love about being in the middle, I've got two sides to choose from.

    That and (let me preface this by saying this is not advice.) I don't let my lack of experience get in the way of being very agressive on the roads. It's dangerous, and I'm aware of that, I just have very little in the way of caring if I go down or not, which gives me the confidence to be so agressive, which in turn seems to keep me safer in a strange roundabout way.
  10. easy 3 step plan:
    1. biatch-slap licra fag
    2. kung fu cage
    3. wheelie

  11. 4. get arrested
    5. ????
    6. Profit
  12. monkeyman your in atree now? i thought you were upperbum! wanna go for a quik ride in the morning?
  13. The legalities aside, filtering is a bit of an art really.

    Filtering on the left isn't a great idea because it halves the number of opportunities you have to rejoin the traffic flow.

    It might feel less safe going up the middle, but you can go either left or right depending on need and as the opportunity arises.
  14. I'm new to riding and I'm so glad I found NR, because I'm learning how to deal with real life riding situations!

    Anyone know any good wheelie tutes? ;)
  15. **** the legalities of the cycle lane, just stay out of it, its a death trap, I'm surprised cyclists even use them seeing as how dangerous they are (dangerous because they're on the left, and cars don't see them as a lane when deciding at the last minute to take a parking spot or to let out passengers etc etc). filter between the cars and if you can't just wait for a gap (and check your mirrors so you don't get rear ended).

    Oh, and how to deal with irate cyclists, just point to your helmet and make the 'I can't hear what the **** you're saying sign', pure comedy :LOL:
  16. New to riding and you want to wheelie? God help us...
  17. I think it was a tongue in cheek comment in response to the how to deal with the situation post that suggested step 3 or 4 was to wheelie. Don't take it too serious :p
  18. Wow, I thought the little winky face was internet standard for - "I'm completely taking the piss right here". Hehe.

    Yes, most definitely tongue in cheek.
  19. Actually yes........ :D
  20. Depends on where you are. Here in WA, fer instance, it's not illegal as such in stationary traffic, but it can be difficult to do without breaking other laws, such as crossing solid whites, changing lanes without indicating etc.

    I've filtered past plenty of divvy vans and GD cars, though I'll generally make discretion the better part of valour if the Highway Patrol are around. Not because I believe what I'm doing to be illegal (if it isn't :D) but because a philosophy of not drawing the attention of the authorities in any way has served me well over the years.

    On your particular case, smee said pretty much everything I would be inclined to advise.