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VIC Filtering legal from 02 Nov 2015

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jeffco, May 26, 2014.

  1. From this mornings H/S, Im tipping with a B/S starting paragraph that screams tensions could erupt the H/S doesn't support this idea

    TENSIONS between motorcyclists and car users could erupt under a Labor plan that would allow motorbike riders to weave through slow-moving or stationary traffic.

    The Opposition has pledged to change the law to allow lane filtering - where motorcycle and scooter riders can move between cars that have stopped or are moving slowly, if it wins the November election.

    Lane filtering was endorsed in a 2012 report by the State Government’s Road Safety Committee, which recommended more research be done “with the aim of introducing filtering in Victoria”.

    The committee assessed data from the Victorian Coroners Court and police crash reports which found that filtering was a factor in just three fatal motorcycle crashes in Victoria from January 2000 to February 2011.

    While the committee also heard evidence that filtering could have safety and congestion benefits, the State Government rejected the recommendation.

    The Opposition says its policy to allow lane filtering will help reduce traffic gridlock on Melbourne roads and would protect riders from same direction collisions, which is the main cause of riders ending up in hospital in Melbourne.

    Labor’s spokesman for roads, road safety and the TAC Luke Donnellan said the Government had been “slow to act” on the recommendations.

    “Lane filtering is a commonsense approach and that’s why Labor will move to implement this change, that will increase safety for all road users,” Mr Donnellan said.

    “This policy is supported by motorists and road safety experts - it just makes sense.”
    Labor’s plan follows interstate moves to allow the controversial manoeuvre.

    From July, motorcyclists in NSW will be allowed to ride between cars at low speeds and the Queensland Government is looking at ways to safely introduce lane filtering.

    Although there is no specific law preventing filtering in Victoria, riders can be penalised for not leaving a safe distance while overtaking, moving out of a marked lane or overtaking to the left of a vehicle, which can attract a fine of more than $500.

    Principal lawyer from Maurice Blackburn John Voyage backed Labor’s plan and said the law was “legally ambiguous” in Victoria.

    “As a safety issue, it’s a winner and as an anti-congestion issue, it’s a winner,” he said.

    “We had a superb committee report and the government has shelved the committee’s recommendation.”

    Damien Codognotto from the Independent Riders’ Group also welcomed the policy and said lane filtering was the “safest way to negotiate heavy traffic.”

    Spokeswoman for Transport Minister Terry Mulder, Larissa Garvin, said: “The Victorian Government did not accept the recommendation on lane filtering, primarily due to the difficulty of enforcing the rule”.

    She said the government was aware of interstate trials and would be “watching the implementation and outcomes” before making any decision on potential changes in Victoria.

  2. Why didn't the Herald Scum contact the VMC? They're the ones who have been doing everything behind the scenes to bring this change about, not the IRG.

    Where's their evidence backing up the first paragraph? It's just sensationalism, trying to stir up strife where there isn't any!
  3. fcuking Heard sun wankers again . Weaving .tensions erupt . You clowns !
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  4. 3AW will cover this mid morning.
  5. 3AW will sabotage this, mid morning. (corrected).
    Isn't this a matter for proper study rather than popular opinion?

    Terry Mulder has already taken a hard line, publicly declared it a 'dangerous practice' (no doubt on Ken Lays command) and announced that the Libs will not support this measure although they have countered with extended access to bus lanes.
    I was excited, now I'm subdued. I had hoped that the Libs would fall into line to neutralise the drift of rider votes to Labor but they've done the opposite and turned it into a political football. Could end up being worse off than now.

    If it had been accepted by the bureaucracy then both sides might have gone along. Not now.
  6. Wouldn't wrap my fish and chips in the Herald Sun, but unfortunately the unwashed masses think it a worthy tome.

    And someone let them have the vote.
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  7. But they won't decide who to vote for on this issue unless they are motorcyclists.
    Libs have decided to throw that bundle of votes away.
  8. What hope is there when you have such unenlightened journalism. I trust you have all sent that dopey twat an email in a probably vain attempt to enlighten her on the positive effects for motorists.
  9. There was a small crowd at Vic Roads this morning. Should be some interesting coverage on TV news tonight. All the TV stations were there this morning. And it was all over the radio and twitter. These days you don't need many at a protest - just a few riders was enough. James Holgate the head guy at Vic Roads was there this morning. I had a word in his ear. He claims he has the data to prove Hiviz is good for Learners. 4 out of 5 callers to 3AW were supportive this morning I'm told.

    Some interesting interviews - that if they go to air will open some cans of worms for Vic Roads.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  10. Overall positive contribution to debate on ABC radio this morning. Jon Faine was more or less supportive, pretty much shot down the critics (of which there were a few).
    Mulder has hardened on policy. Only chance now is a change of government.
  11. Time to write to your local member and Terry Mulder methinks.

    See ABC report where you can leave comments.

    Motorcycle filtering laws: Victorian Government rejects proposal to allow riders to weave through stationary traffic
    Updated 1 hour 37 minutes ago

    [​IMG]PHOTO: Labor says filtering reduces congestion increases safety for motorcyclists. (Andrew Brownbill: AAP)
    RELATED STORY: Motorcycle lane filtering to be legalised in NSW
    RELATED STORY: Motorcycle road rule changes flagged by Queensland Government
    MAP: VIC
    A proposal to allow motorbike and scooter riders to weave through slow-moving or stationary traffic has been rejected by the Victorian Government.

    The Opposition has promised to amend legislation allowing so-called "filtering" if it wins government in November's state election.

    Labor's spokesman for roads Luke Donnellan said the move would be a "win-win for everybody".

    "We think it's time for the Government to act, so we're jumping on the front foot and saying let's get moving," he said.

    "This reduces congestion, increases safety for motorbike riders.

    "They do it in New South Wales, they do it in many other places around the world, there's enough studies so... in our eyes it's ready to go."

    A 2012 Road Safety Committee report recommended further research into the practice and said it could decrease traffic congestion.

    It also said it could protect riders from same-direction accidents.

    But it found filtering was a factor in three motorbike fatalities between 2000 and 2011.

    State Transport Minister Terry Mulder said he could not endorse something that has led to deaths on the roads.

    "Given the fact it's proven to have killed people in the past, I'm not sure how many seriously injured, I couldn't on the back of that recommend that practice," Mr Mulder said.
  12. Faine may be positive and a sensible type, but the snotty self obsessed hard nose biatch on the ABC's TV breakfast show this morning certainly was not pro filtering..
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  13. Mulder has been quoted as saying he 'cannot support a practise that has killed three people..."
    It's plain that either Mulder or his advisers are not discriminating between the proposal - for filtering, and the high speed splitting that was involved in those deaths.
    Whether on purpose or not, Mulder has swallowed the VP line that filtering and splitting are the same thing no matter what any law may say.

    It's misinformation of a particularly cynical kind, and it needs to be exposed.
  14. Listen to John Eacott talk to Neil Mitchell on 3AW this morning here.

    When you have done that post a comment via the above link. Flood 3AW with comments people!!!!!!!

    Filtering 'madness': Motorcycling debate rages
    Posted by: 3AW Mornings | 26 May, 2014 - 10:19 AM
    Neil Mitchell says a Labor proposal to legalise motorcycle filtering is "madness".

    The Opposition has pledged to make it legal for riders to filter through slow-moving traffic.

    In 2012, the Road Safety Committee recommended further research into lane filtering, saying it could have safety and congestion benefits.

    But Transport minister Terry Mulder says it's dangerous and Neil Mitchell agrees.

    WATCH: Neil was sent an example of dangerous filtering at speed

    "It might win a vote from motorcyclists but there would be plenty of truck drivers and car drivers who have been terrified by idiot motorcyclists appearing out of nowhere," Neil said.

    "When cars are stationary, it’s ok. When they’re moving, it's not.

    "It’s introducing a whole new danger when it is dangerous enough already.

    "What next? Let them ride without helmets?"

    But motocyclists say Victoria's behind the times.

    John Eacott, from the Victorian Motorcycle Council, said the government was being ill-advised.

    "(Filtering) is a standard feature around the world. In the UK they teach filtering at speed," he told Neil Mitchell.

    LISTEN: John Eacott debates filtering Neil Mitchell
  15. Because calling the IRG is like calling Harold Scruby. Sensationalist reporters always call the nutters first.

    Look on the bright side, we get bus lanes now and filtering when Labor gets in! As a bonus, this will be the news instead of a teeny weenie protest. Winner!
  16. She was writing exactly what Lord Murdoch would have her write. The only positive form of motorcycling articles the Murdoshian papers will publish is the absence of all of them. Road to Zero (government policy) means Zero motorcycles. Why would they do anything to encourage people to use them? Don't mention congestion busting there are so many toll roads to be built!
  17. The original article reads as if someone, probably an editor, added in the first line. The rest of the article is reasonable reporting.
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  18. Video didn't look that bad to me Truck on left was stopped so not going anywhere. Very hard to tell from the angle and of course you cannot see what the person on the bike could see.
  19. Perception is all that is needed. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  20. #20 Trundler, May 26, 2014
    Last edited: May 26, 2014
    A factor? In ten fcuking years they could only find three cases were it may have been an issue.

    How many died sitting in traffic knobjockey?

    We could even ask how many would not have died were they in clear space afforded by filtering, and not surrounded by cages.

    Fisheyes do wonders for destroying perception - the truck in front is clearly to the right of the lane, indicating the gap to its left would be fairly large.

    Terrified? You wonder how these fcukers leave the house.
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