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filtering is an important skill that you need to learn

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. possibly even the most important.
    > even if you don't do it often in traffic, (that's your choice and you have every legal right to take up as much space in a lane as a car.) YOU STILL need to learn it , practice it, master it.

    answer > get of your fat arse and go find an empty carpark.

    exercise (1.) ride the solid white line. pick a point on the horizon directly above the end of the white line. ride up the line and back down again. again and again and again and again. vary your speeds. do the line in short bursts, pause on the line. stay limp but do not move. breath halfway out and hold it, do not remove your eyes from that point of focus on the horizon. do not look at the line. in traffic this is what you do. you don't look at what you are passing through. you look to the front of the intersection, the end of the white line. you will still see everything. you will see a mirror, you will shift your bars around it. you know where your hands are without needing to look at them.

    exercise (2.) get some pool noodles or something similar from clarke rubber and mount them on stands. take them to your empty carpark. you don't get the white line this time, because i know you can feel it through your tires.
    measure the distance between mirror tip to mirror tip on your bike. start by spacing the noodles an additional ten inches apart, practice and repeat, decrease the distance. stagger the pairs of noodles car lengths apart. these are car mirror simulators. notice how you don't need to look at them to see them. they still enter your vision with your eyes locked to your focus point.

    this sounds difficult, but it's not. if done correctly you will be amazed at how easy it is. the bike will always track true to your focus point on the immediate horizon.

    the reason for this post is two near misses i've experienced in as many weeks with cars comming directly at me on my side of the road. one came out from behind a truck to overtake it. the other i encountered on a blind corner. he'd chosen my side of the road to veer around a parked car on his side. in both cases i had less than a meter between the curb and the oncomming car.
    it happens. and one day it will happen to you.

    become a whiteliner zen master, even just as a hobby. it could oneday save your life.

    what you do in traffic is your choice, your life. you are alone out there. no-ones helping you. if you don't want to split or filter, then good luck to you.
    that's your choice. but no ill thought out road traffic law is more important than life and limb.

    homework > if a car ever tries to share your lane with you, kick the shit out of it at the first safe opportunity to do so. make it known to that driver that he is never to try that shit again on a rider, and in turn you may well save another riders life from that imbecile in the future.
    no-one else, not the state, not the police, no licence testing requirement, is ever going to teach that guy that lesson. you are the only opportunity he has to learn this.
  2. ^^^ Figured this needed some exposure.

    Good post - not quite behind the kicking part though, but the filtering is an essential life saving skill.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  3. also shift them out of line by a few inches. Cars will rarely line up directly behind each other, a truck taking most of a lane will cause the car next to it to move over a few inches.
  4. You also need a friend and an old volvo to drive at you, perpendicular to your direction of travel between the noodles. Randomly. Tell him to close his eyes, this makes it more realistic for both of you.
  5. Once you're comfortable with the carpark exercises, take a ride down Ryde Rd in peak hour... if that isn't enough to get your filtering I don't know what else will. To add a bit of competition, have a few bike "race filtering" forcing you to push your comfort zone... did this yesterday afternoon.

    We were all upstaged by a postie with his line choice - he rode down the centre dividing grass median strip. Don't know how long he stayed there as my view of him became obscured by trucks but he was obviously enjoying his "private" lane ;)
  6. yes good.
    and everytime you clip a noodle he gets to punch you in the arm.
    or in the case of a female friend, you make it through the noodles she has to flash her tits.
  7. the next important skill you will need is the ability to explain to a Policeman why you're breaking the law by filtering....
  8. gosh you're absolutely right hornet, maybe instead of buying noodles we should just get cotton wool instead and wrap ourselves up in it.
  9. This has been done to death, but I'll bite.

    Filtering is not illegal. Passing stationary vehicles on left is allowed.
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    Tell that to the guy who just got fined, appealed & lost.
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    Do you have any more details minglis?
  12. Great idea/exercises, thanks Monkeyman, will practice this.
    Can see how honing that skill is helpful in all sorts of situations.

    hmmm, might see if Hawklord & GreyBM are up for hanging out noodles at Sat prac.
  13. And if you're in Melbourne, I recommend Punt Road for endless lines of stationary or slow moving traffic, with a few 'keep clear' areas to make you aware of oncoming turning traffic, and random pedestrians thinking you won't hit them if they step out in front of the van shielding them.
  14. Beware the WET white line though. :)
  15. Good advice - to be coupled with never feel you must filter.

    If you feel a bit crap or tired and don't want to give it your full attention - then don't fell you need to.

    And that guy who was fined is a salutary lesson - don't try and represent yourself in court arguing a point of law.
  16. Filtering must be topical! Article from Orange County USA

    Some of the comments are interesting - one points out that drivers complaining about being startled must be hearing the exhaust tone... you know, the one that apparently doesn't save lives...
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    From the NSW Road law changes 2008


    You may get booked for failing to indicate or some other offence, but filtering in stationary traffic is not specifically illegal.
  18. The main issue I see is if you overtake a line of stationary traffic on the left you're going to have to cross/drive on a solid white line at the edge of the road which is an offence. Unless of course it's a very wide lane with plenty of space before the left line of the road.
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