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VIC Filtering incident - Insurer says its my cost

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by malJohann, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. So, I clipped a cage mirror yesterday while filtering stationary traffic, and the cage's front mirror cover popped off. I picked it up, handed it back to the guy and got off the road on to the sidewalk. We exchanged details and I forgot about it, because I'm insured.

    This morning his insurance AAMI calls me saying I'm up for the cost, after I told them I'm not intending to claim, since there's no damage on my aluminium hand guard that bothers me. Can someone in the know explain this to me? I've got comp insurance.

  2. Umm, you get to pay for damage you cause.
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  3. Your fault. You either pay, or claim.
    It's got to be cheaper to pay than claim, after excess and loss of no claim bonus, surely?
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  4. Umm, thought that's why I have comp insurance? Get to pay for damage in advance downpayments?
  5. You still have to pay excess and the mirror will be cheaper so just pay for it.
  6. Your insurance is not a get out of jail free card.
    You pay a company to accept the risk of writing of something you can't afford to pay for e.g. Ferrarri.

    If you damage something (yours or 3rd party) you have to ay for it one way or the other.
    You can either
    1) Pay for it yourself
    2) Instruct the insurance company to pay for you

    The insurance company gets you to pay the first $XXX (excess) which is basically there to stop people using their insurance as a get out of jail free card... like you thought it was.
    To make it worse, the more you claim on insurance, the more they expect you pay for that service.
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  7. The only time insurance would be better to claim is if you clipped a Lamborghini's window and it was going to be a 4K fix. Then your $400 excess would be worth it.

    If the mirror is $200 to fix then obviously paying out of pocket is the better option. Your premiums do not go up for cash payments which is also a bonus!
  8. You stopped?? In stationary traffic?? I admire your s̶t̶u̶p̶i̶d̶i̶t̶y̶ integrity ;)
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  9. malJohann,

    Insurance doesn't cover you 100% with zero cost to you.

    Try to look at it this way. There are two completely separate issues here:

    1) You damaged someone else's vehicle. This makes you liable to pay for damages that you have caused.

    2) You have Comprehensive insurance.

    Having Comprehensive insurance in no way changes #1 above. You are still responsible, and must pay for the damages you have caused. However having comprehensive insurance gives you an option that you can claim the costs against your insurance (or get them to deal with it), or pay for it yourself and keep your insurance out of it, whereas without #2 you have less options.

    As Jaytee has mentioned, it's worth getting a claim and having your insurance to cover it (and you pay the excess, etc) if the amount of damage is well above your excess, however if it's not - claiming against your insurance is pointless and only serves to have a 'claim' put against your insurance, potentially increasing premiums in the future.

    When involved in an accident where you are at fault and there's damage to someone elses property - there will almost always be something that you have to pay. Either in excess charges if you claim, or outrightly if you don't claim.
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    Haven't claimed or had a accident in years, so a little out of touch. Sorry nertrider peeps.

    He was at the front of the queue. I always stop though.
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    guinea pig!!!

    its gonna take a while, in court, for these incidents to get an established precedent.

    oh man i thought this was going to have SOME ambiguity. this is simple. your fault means you pay...one way or another. you missed the chance to pay with your ass so im guessing it'll be insurance or cash.

    whether your insurance charges you when you claim depends entirely on your policy, also, whether your fees go up and your rating goes down depends on your policy... rating 1 protection anyone?

    i genuinely admire and respect your honesty...... but you should probably learn what your insurance charges and what it covers..... i hope you haven't just got CTP.
  12. You'd be surprised how much a modern side mirror costs. These days they have motors, indicators, heating elements, blind spot sensors etc. It's not uncommon for them to cost over $1k just as a replacement part.
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  13. specially if they dont come painted...... but removable front covers are generally substantially less.
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    Was a mirror from an old(er) Holden, pic attached for reference.


    Also, there were sellotape marks with dirt on the mirror cover, didn't think to take a pic at the time, but had AAMI take note for the assessor to keep pre existing damage in mind. Hopefully the driver doesn't have the presence of mind to remove said marks.
  15. Sounds like the driver will be stoked to get their pre-broken mirror replaced by you!
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  16. Is that you on the scooter? *shudder* You forego any rights if it is!
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  17. Unfortunately you'r at fault. Cheaper to pay the thing than claim as others have said.
  18. Absolutely not, I took the picture from the back of my KTM 390 Duke. The guy refused to move his car off the road, this in peak hour traffic on City Rd in Southbank, Melbourne. :eek:
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  19. If the cover was taped on, ie pre-existing damage, and you have any evidence, then I'd advise their insurer that you will pay half of the costs. If they want more than that then tell them you'll pass it on to your insurer to deal with that.
    Your victim is trying to get a new mirror out of you because you were honest.
  20. While you tap, you pay, it takes a fair effort to do do damage to many mirrors. They aren't rigid (they fold) so are usually spring loaded and click into normal position (if not motorized).

    I think AH Astras had heated mirror glass, a bit of dosh to replace, but if it's just the cover, give him a Lime ($100) and tell him to replace his cover and go out to dinner after too!