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QLD Filtering In Queensland

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CarterBones, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. So Queensland motorcyclists can now filter with out the fuzz giving you a fine... But I'm amazed at the lack of public notice for the new laws. The cyclist get time on the TV.

    Or am I wrong...did I miss it?

    PS Some tool called me a dumb-ass today for filtering, ... But I'm not sure he could understand the concept of filtering or reading or counting to 3.
  2. I missed it if there was any, but traffic seams friendlier toward filtering now. Maybe I've just have been having a good run lately.
    I have been making sure to tell every one I know about the new laws though (y)
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  3. Well I haven't been abused the whole time I been doing it in Brisbane (4 years) ... go figure.

    It was an almost daily event in Melbourne including one memorable occasion when a trucky made an awesome toss of a water bottle (empty TG) that hit me on the helmet as I went past. Was such a good shot that I burst out laughing.
  4. The electronic billboards on the M1 have made mention of it. Given most cagers rarely look out through the windscreen I question it's effectiveness.

    Almost everyone I have spoken to who doesn't ride wasn't aware.

    Thankfully, the satuartion TV campaign by SEQ water has ensured that we are all fully aware of the hidden dangers lurking in knee deep, dead calm dam water.
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  5. Yes it needs to be advertised more, a lot don't know about it and a lot don't understand why its now legal, still getting abused here in the small central qld cities
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  6. Maybe some thing to do with the bike you ride. And maybe they think your on an
    "unmarked" bike :D
  7. You must be unlucky. I frequently filter in Rocky and have yet to be abused. But I do agree that it should be more widely publicized.
  8. Is it just me or have people in QLD noticed a considerably larger number of motorcycles on the road since the law changed? I guess I'm one guy who works in the city and took the law change on board, got my license, bought a bike and have started riding to work. A trip that used to take me an hour in peak hour is down to 35-40 minutes.
  9. I don't commute as my van is my office, but had a couple of day course in Brissy a week or two ago finishing on Friday. I rode the bike to and from for both days.
    What a joy to get home to the Goldie and not be stuck in traffic in the usual Friday / every arvo $hit fight.
    If you have a job that doesn't require a car/van whatever and didn't have a bike licence, surly the thought would cross your mind.
    @ Barters81 You probably notice more now because you have an interest, and good on you!
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  10. Funny story RE: this topic this morning on my commute to work.

    I was on my way to work heading up Ipswich rd and filtered up to the front of a set of lights. A cop car was 2nd in line (3rd after me) at the lights. The guy in the car at the front lent out the window to give me a gobful for being a cockaroach etc etc "You're stuffed now mate there is a cop behind me!!".......cop car pulled him over straight after the lights as we took off. I'm guessing the copper gave him some education on the new road rules.

    One of the only times in my life I've been impressed with the police.
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