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Filtering - highway vs. suburb

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yardman, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. I have the unfortunate position of being a Northside dweller who works in the Southside (Brisbane). The gateway toll is my main convenience allowing more or less continuous highway between work and home, at $2.15 per trip.

    So, this week I've been experimenting with the suburban commute at $0.

    My observations are this: the high speed highway is much more forgiving. Peak hour suburbs are ruthless. Not only are the lanes tighter, the cagers don't like you 'pushing in' and other riders might as well be cagers. Plus, who let the scooters out?

    Tonight, I treated myself to the gateway. Despite heavy haulage and utes I had more than three cagers spot my approach and move to give me space. Plus my R1 mate who wasn't content splitting at 40kmh just made his way around me, no head shaking judgement unlike yesterday's rider who didn't like my apprehension to squeeze between a Getz and a bus in gridlock.

    We're told 'speed kills' but honestly I sincerely feel the faster highway is safer simply due to the reduced competition factor of getting through the narrow, traffic lit, over subscribed suburbs.

    TLDR: splitting on suburbs is heavy sh*t compared to highway - how does one learn wheelies?

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  2. Hi Dude there is nothing unfortunate about living on the north side of Brisvagas. I travel to the city from outer northside and don't have any issues with filtering in city traffic and every day have half a dozen cars and trucks open the gap to let me pass. Yes very occasionally some toss will close the gap or some would be Casey Stoner will think he is the gun filterer and make a tool of him self. I have tried using the gateway then the airport tunnel and the flow was ok but it is a shit lode further so takes just as long. If I have time and it a nice day I head out to Dayboro and head in via Samford now that's a nice ride.
  3. I commute from Springfield into the Valley everyday and have a mixture of Ipswich motorway and Ipswich road to contend with.

    On the motorway I never have any dramas filtering apart from the odd wanker who thinks indicating and changing lanes at the same time is the right thing to do.

    Mostly in the 60km/hr roads I don't have a problem until I get up to around the Gabba where the three lanes can be a bit tight for filtering.

    Though I did have some idiot truck driver try and pour an iced coffee on my the other morning....but missed.
  4. I ride from gc to brissy daily incl peak hour. Highway filtering, no probs. it's the only way to make it through in the grid lock around springwood. From time to time I use shoulder. Come closer to the city, forget it. Lanes and spacing is quite narrow. There is another tread on about Mercedes and Volvo drivers. Fellow NR cracked me up... Said he has a Volvo aware rider sticker on his helmet :) . In brissy itself I would run out of stickers. It's a dogs breakfast, scooters , volvos, audis, Mercs, couriers and the last but not the least taxis. Oh did I forget bankers? In general I avoid filtering in brissy, it is just too tight and mared with cagers who simply are in a rush to either get into the office or get out of the city ASAP. There is absolutely no awareness for riders. I did have one miracle when someone gave me way, as I passed I waved at the driver, thank you.
  5. I think on a flowing highway, even if there is heavy traffic, there are gaps you can run to if a tin top "accidentally" changes lanes on you. There is more scope to accelerate out of trouble.
    On the suburban grid lock, if some one decides they want the other lane because there is a 1/2 car gap, its a no look move across. They don't indicate because that will give away their intention and the other person that left the gap will close it. You happen to be running up the middle......can't accelerate out of that!
    I drive a lot around Brissy traffic and have seen a lot of driver behaviour. Gotta admit when you ride as well your view on the whole thing is like being on the outside looking in!
  6. Brisbane....traffic???? sorry I am from Sydney I don't understand!
  7. ^^^^ yes next year when we get electricity, traffic lights will operate and we expect some horse and carts to then create a bit of congestion. But if you ride the horse on its own you could go up the middle as long as you don't chew your hay seed too long and gallop away quick.(y)
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  8. But the state is broke. Who's paying for it?