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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, May 19, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever felt that when they are filtering through peak hour traffic, that it's like being a farm dog running through herds of cattle?

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    Haha. Maybe I should get a motor cross bike so I can jump off the cattle's back like the dogs do.
  3. I find it more like (when i was back at) school sporting days such as athletics carnivals, cross country etc.
  4. I felt that way one day when I was heading home from work over the Westgate, outbound direction and as soon as I got over the bridge crest, all I saw was red lights from the bridge till the Princess Hwy/Western Ring Rd interchange...I felt sorry for all the cars at that moment...which was about a 7km stretch of freeway.
  5. I feel like I'm playing the old, wireframe graphics Star Wars arcade game and on about the eighth trench with no shields left :twisted:. Good job I've disconnected the laser cannon :D.
  6. :rofl: This is all I'll see on the way home now... (y)
  7. I feel like Frogger... :shock:
  8. No because the cattle would be moving and getting out of your way. If only cagers would do this for us. And then once all the cars are in their pen, close the gate so they can't get out again.
  9. I find its a bit like dribbling through the midfield and defence, hoping you're not going to step on the ball.

    Or the ref doesn't get you for obstruction.
  10. or that there aren't any crazy lunatic streakers
  11. flawed analogy, cows are way smarter than cagers and probably better drivers.
  12. +1.
    And, you can fit your entire arm inside a cow.
  13. feels like riding through a mine field
  14. Yep.

    I often see the 'path' thru the traffic from a ways back.
    Visualize, and feel the force!

    Computer game analogy is probably closer.
  15. EXACTLY!!

    I feel like Luke Skywalker flying down the trench of the Deathstar, with Vader on my tail:

    Use the Force!!
  16. Precisely my thoughts; though for me its the more modern gamecube version of starwars and i've just lost R2-D2 and i'm aiming my proton torpedo at the exhaust port and it's all like *pew pew pew* *whoosh* *tie fighter noises*
  17. That's the one. Ahhhh, the nostalgia :D.
  18. I reckon it's more like making your way through the crowd of drunk people to get to/from the bar on a Saturday night... Oooh gap there. Cut off. Go around that one. Phew...made it.