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Filtering etiquette

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tristan82, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. so are there some unspoken rules about splitting and filtering that a novice like me should know? Are there places you simply shouldn't put the bike even if there's a massive gap?

    is there a thread on this already? searched but couldn't find.

  2. Do yourself a favour and whatever you do stay the hell away from large trucks.

    Whilst filtering i almost fell underneath one of its wheels once. The space between a truck and a car can be deceptive.
  3. I generally won't filter if i can see bogan utes & falcodores/ricers at the front of the queue, kinda asking for trouble. Prefer to avoid confrontation when i don't have a cage around me thanks.
  4. * If you don't feel confident/safe with filtering, there is no shame in deciding not to.

    * If you do filter, get going swiftly when the lights go green - you've pushed in front of people, don't slow them down.

    * Move to one lane or the other when you get to the end of the queue. Two reasons: Other motorcyclists may be behind you and they won't enjoy being the meat in a two-car sandwich if you're preventing them getting to the front of the queue. Also it tells the car drivers which lane you intend to use when the lights go green.

    * If you don't think you can reach the front before the lights change, probably best to not filter. Particularly if you're inexperienced.
  5. I make it a habit of mine to check my mirrors when I get to the front of the line to see if the driver behind has a pissed off expression on their face (although most Adelaide drivers have this :LOL: ) The ones that do always seem to gun it off the lights to try stick as close to my rear tyre as possible. As Spots said, you should get going swiftly when the light turns green but with pissed off idiots behind you, an extra bit of squirt may be required (just make sure no-ones running a red light to the left or right :shock: )
  6. Actually, yeah, good call on the headcheck before you go.
  7. 1) check to make sure there is room
    2) look for any debris on the road surface or bad potholes
    3) from observing traffic whilst moving you should already have an idea of how the people are driving
    4)check for any police
    5) filter to the front slowly and smoothly, but not to slow as to get caught between cars as the light goes green.
    6)take your lane once at the front
    7)watch the light sequence to know when to go
    Green light) head check for red light runners, then move off swiftly.

    That is what I do anyhow.
  8. Pfft leave the champion drag racers at the lights and count the seconds till they go for the hero fly by once you hit the speed limit :LOL:
  9. Ahh, the hero pass. <3

    Car: "You didn't beat me by 5 car lengths; This dragrace is to 120, not 80!"
    Bike: ".... it was a race?"
  10. what about stopping next to the left of a car on teh left lane...?
  11. Go for it but be warned that tacks and glass like to build up in this area! :shock:
  12. Not generally recommended. In my not inconsiderable experience, there's always lots of debris there that do your tyres and grip no good at all.

    It also probably means that you've gone up the LH side of the whole queue, which tends to be dodgy (lots of folk don't check mirrors, let alone blind spots when moving left in the LH lane), although cyclists do it.

    Or it might mean you're using the bicycle lane, which is a legal no-no.

    Exceptions exist to every rule, of course.
  13. I only ask because a dude in a jeep raced me from this situation and chucked a banana. he was in an old cherokee and flogged the living shit out of it.

    At the end of the day i was braking the law but im sure he wouldn't have launched so hard if i wasn't there.
  14. If there is a gap.....and a nice spot at the head of the queue, then I think you'll be doing everyone a favour.

    Long 'filters' can pose problems, like flitering up to a gap that becomes too narrow, or having the traffic roll off as you are filtering through.
  15. so filtering, which is illegal, is not as illegal as using the bike lane when filtering? lol

    I do understand some drivers getting the shits with the concept... I mean I was travelling along main north road doing 60 and some lil c@nt on scooter over took me in a bike lane... not slowing for a light or anything. just driving.

    I think thats going to far. I wouldn't have been looking for him if i wanted to turn left...I wanted to nudge him into the bus stop for being so cheeky. but i didn't.

    At least with guys in lycra you've usually just over taken them and if you're not a peanut you know they're probs doing at least 40 and not too far behind.
  16. To be fair, filtering (stationary traffic) is a grey area, while using the bike lane is Go To Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, explicitly written as illegal.
  17. Filtering (at least in some states) can be done legally, even if it often is not. Using the bike lane, generally, cannot.
  18. I only filter if I see I'm going to have a clear safety advantage by getting to the front. Mostly I don't, only because I don't want to piss people off, and drivers generally don't understand why we do it.
    Also someone cautioned filtering on left hand side of the road because of debris. This is very true, I almost lost it once when the rear wheel locked up under compression :oops: .

    I love when people do the hero pass! Because passing me when I've stopped accelerating really shows 'em who's boss :LOL:
  19. make sure you hit as many mirrors as possible ;)
  20. If you are going to filter and duck and weave so to speak, make sure you are getting ahead of the que.

    Someone on a scooter the other day in Epping cut me off 3 times as he darted into my lane. He was overtaking, undertaking and splitting but getting no where. It annoyed me enough to give him and ear full at the lights.