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Filtering at onramp signals?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Masakali, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. What's everyone's thoughts on this?

    I don't do it, because although filtering is grey, the one vehicle per green light per lane rule means this is more black and white. And if you slot in, we are essentially pushing in as the cars behind needs to wait one more sequence.
  2. I split straight through regardless what colour the light is, therfore holding no one back :)
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  3. Depends on prevailing traffic etc but I usually filter though.
  4. Damn, that never occurred to me. Can the popo get you for running a red, or is it more grey with the onramp signals?
  5. I do it if I can fit, I usually just follow the two in the front when the light turns green. No one waits and everyone's a winner
  6. That's what I do, unless there is a much more powerful car up ahead, then I sit behind them and follow them through. If you follow the lights, you'll just catch up to the banked up cars a kilometer ahead or something then filter through, made no difference.
  7. If you don't filter in this situation, I really can't see why you ever would.

    The lights are there to control congestion. The only way I will contribute to congestion is if I wait in line. I am therefore ethically bound to filter as far as I am concerned, and it's safer to go when the light is red IMO.
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  8. I'm convinced, I rarely come across these, so was abit confused. Looking back, I feel so stupid now, as after all that waiting, I filtered for the next few kms when on the freeway, lol.
  9. I wouldn't sweat it, I still regularly come across circumstances where I am unsure about whether I should or shouldn't. Mostly I do, but the worry is the nature of the possible lesson when you do it when you shouldn't. And I ain't talking about a fine or a ticket.

    I deal with one of these every day, and it is almost always clogged when I go through it. I filter the full length of ramp up the left hand side, time my run so that I hit the line just before the light goes green for the next car, and shoot into the wide open spaces between him and the guy who just took off five seconds ago.
  10. I would not filter through a red light as has been suggested. A red light is just that: red. If any incident were to happen there or further up the road you will have multiple witnesses who may not describe your actions favourably. You open yourself up to a careless driving charge as well as the red light offence.

    I may filter up to one vehicle behind the lights and proceed through on the green behind them when really I should wait for another reg/green cycle, but that is bending the rules, not breaking them.

    This is speculation on my part: I've never been through this type of lights while on a bike.
  11. The way they've set these up is ridiculous anyway. In California (when I was there quite some time ago now), the lights cycled on each side, first letting the lhs car thru, then the rhs. So there was no need to merge further down the on ramp, before merging on the freeway.

    They should let motorcycles on the truck/T2 on ramp lanes as well. No on ramp lights on those. How does having more then 1 person in the car reduce congestion on an on ramp (yes I know about the theory on the fway itself). It's like using the lights as a punishment rather than a congestion fix.
  12. It's about limiting the number of vehicles merging rather than reducing the number of vehicles on the ramp. Someone with a calculator in their top pocket has probably worked out if general traffic is controlled on the ramp by lights then the number of vehicles in the truck lane does not make a big difference.
  13. Yes, but if they adopted the California example, there'd only be 1 merging instead of 2, aside from the truck lane.

    Surely motorcycles don't make a huge difference anyway? Seems a bit dumb, plus it's a PITA to scoot towards the light if you're on a motorcycle (assuming you haven't filtered to the front long ago..).
  14. o_O...understandable if you took out a mirror while running the red or failed to merge safely into moving traffic at the end of the on ramp, but if you clear the cars that are stopped without incident, I don't see how the red light would contribute to a possible accident further down the freeway. The red light isn't there for safety...it is there to help ease congestion on the freeway which in turn causes congestion on artery roads.

    Was there in 2009 and it is still like that. As you say, they don't have to merge 2/3 lanes into 1 as they get to the end of the on ramp. Clever idea of the zipper effect...then again not many people know the whole idea of zipper effect here.
  15. You are quite unlikely to have any incident either on the onramp, merging or later on down the freeway; my point was if you do have an incident, you may get people stopping who have seen you go through a red light. Going through a red light - any kind of red light even if it is there to ease congestion - does not look good in the eyes of other motorists and you won't be doing yourself any favours. Or you may happen to get pulled by a copper in an unmarked car who sees it.

    IMHO the time benefit obtained here by going through a red light is a lot less than the negative potential consequences. I'm not shy about filtering, but going through a red signal I would not do. As I said, I may proceed with another vehicle on the green, even though I am supposed to wait for the lights to recycle.
  16. I just filter to the front behind the first car and go through with him .that way your not taking the spot from any other car and pissing people off .

    As for going through the red light your opening yourself up to 3 points and $300 tax if your seen by unmarked pol .

    In writing this I take it red lights for on ramps are treated the same as any other under the law .
  17. you're allowed to use the transit lanes riding a motorcycle in nsw =/
  18. If I rode in constant fear of getting a ticket, I would ride very differently from the way I do. I ride to stay alive first, keep my licence second. I'm not saying that waitin in behind the front car is dangerous, but I think staying well clear and taking advantage of the space created by the red light is safer.

    And where is the unmarked coppa who is going to give me a ticket? In the pack behind me? Cruising along the freeway at that precise moment? Even if he is, I doubt that he is going to work his way through three lanes of merging traffic to nail me. If he does, good luck to him.
  19. It is not about time benefit, it is about creating a buffer/safe space for you to move around in to avoid aggravated drivers who are stuck at the red lights or in temporary parking lots. By sitting behind the car that has just gone through the green, you now have 2 cars merging right in front of you into possible flowing traffic and if the traffic is banked up, there are 2 more cars to follow right behind you. Another option is to go through the red...you won't have aggravated drivers hot on your tail and you have an open space in front leaving you more options with an escape route...either filter around blocked traffic or merge much safer into flowing traffic. From my experience, cars tend to merge at a much slower rate than flowing traffic and thus causes the left lane to slow down which in turn causes a sea of red light. This makes for a dangerous situation.
  20. Filter to the front and go as soon as the light turns green. You are so far ahead of the two cars by the time there is a need to merge you are holding no one up and it is a safe buffer as well.
    Never wait behind the two cars as you are then at their mercy if you don't jump ahead of them.
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