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Filter Rage?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jphanna, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. this happened on my way home from work yesterday

    i was on my PUSHbike waiting for the pedestrian light to cross the road. in front of me was a lane to turn RIGHT. i was on a island (safe) where the button was. right in front of me was a lady waiting for the green light. in the meantime a beautiful carbon fibre R1 (? was yamaha with 4 header pipes, no other labels) filtered to the left of a stream of cars (plenty of room there) and parked level with her.

    what happens....before the light turned green, she crept up a metre, angling the car to the left, to block him, and when it went green, she made sure that he couldnt take off first. he stood there shaking his head, and i dont blame him.

    are car people that jeoulous/aggro about filtering? she was already a the front, so its not like she was going to miss the green light.

  2. Rider should have just ridden in front of the car...unless there is a red light camera. Then again she could have been a maniac and run the poor rider over regardless...
  3. Yes, sometimes people are in a funny mood and sometimes they're just dicks. On the other hand I've had people actually make room for me quite a few times if it's a tight squeeze (although maybe its the massive GoPro on my head that scares people)

    I often put my hand out as thanks if I filter in front of anyone. Just gives them one less reason to be mad at me when the light goes green.
  4. You just wonder about the mentality of some people.
  5. Yup being stuck in traffic does funny things to people. That's why most people in cars can't merge either, "God forbid I let you in front of me and I get home three seconds later".
  6. Yep there be some filtering rage around.
    Riding towards top Ryde this morning A stationary Kia SUV that I had pulled in front of while filtering as the lights up ahead had gone green , no drama not too close or touched his mirrors.
    As the lines of cars started to pull away with the traffic cereal killer in the Kia decides to overtake me in my lane at speed . missed my bars by what seemed like inches , I give him a head shake and a blast from the Steeble , he then starts weaving and lane changing to get away from the dangerous motorcycle rider .
    Normally I would let it go ......... started to chase him through his lane changes until I see a light going red up ahead I check my mirrors to make sure no one is up my clacker and jumped on the Brembos pulled up sending him through the red with a camera LOL
    Suck on that cereal killer Kia
    Its a jungle out there .
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  7. There's a fair bit of it floating around JP, I think that aggression levels are through the roof at the moment as car drivers struggle to share the road with the influx of cyclists that the Tour Down Under generates (pros and enthusiasts).
  8. This reminds me of the biffo I had in a filtering position thread where the folks who preferred to pop forward and move INFRONT of a car, IN THE CAR'S LANE, argued that filter rage was neglible. Imagine sitting infront of this crazy woman on your motorbike at a busy intersection??! That would have driven her nuts! Who knows what she'd do with her car lining you up...
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  9. I always move in front of cars after filtering, the reason being that I have previously had idiots try and drag race me if I'm sitting beside them!
  10. Stuck in traffic today or more accurately being traffic today in the car, I deliberately pulled over to let 2 bikes through. Why should they have to be stuck too, it makes no sense to block bikes in. It only adds to the jam.
    Some people need to build a bridge.
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  11. Maybe people think you are the predator?

    I find people respond to your attitude.

    If you ride with 'please may I?' presence, you'll often get a 'no you may not' response.

    If however you ride with cocksure arrogance and a 'move, fcuken' attitude, more often than not they will (or at least won't actively block you).

    Thanks to the bs run by the press, a lot of people think (or at least, fear) that every rider might be a bikie - if you are too nice to them they figure that shit out.
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  12. Another slow news day on netrider...
  13. Agreed. I ride a black and white bike, with highbeams on during the day, and I ride it in a very assertive manner. I've had people tell me that they think I'm a cop, based on how I ride like I own the road.
  14. I get zero attitude from cars when I ride the M109, my riding mates reckon it's like the parting of the red sea. When I was on the Er6 or the Z1000 it was a different story. Even though it's complete BS that most cruiser riders are patched up it does me no harm in traffic.
  15. Dead right, people see threats, big bastard cruiser is potentially more of a threat than a sports bike or commuter.

    I'm betting bikies very rarely get smidsy

    Are you not entertained?
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  16. What if your attitude to filtering style is "you can't possibly expect me to sit behind three trucks now can you?" I don't need to filter much in Canberra but one intersection leading up to the tip sometimes get backed up with trucks, utes etc... It's a perfect spot for me to filter around and skip to the front. I always give a big wave to the truckies as I level up to them.. sometimes they wind down the window and have a pleasant chat.. Never had any aggro. Which is nice cause many Canberrans are a strange bunch..
  17. Apart from a skip wagon that made a reasonably serious attempt to squash me, I've never had any aggro from trucks when filtering. It's Mr, Mrs and Ms Average who tend to take exception.
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  18. ...so wouldn't you just button off and let them get out infront? It's better to have a scud missile ahead of you, than behind you hunting you down.

    This one time, I pulled up beside a hotted up ricer P plater Mario, who took great umbrage that I had filtered to the front. He was super agitated, gesticulating, carrying on, revving his car, so I revved the bike and he revved the car... did the big jolt forward thing, so did I... it was on, pink slips and pride were in the balance, I revved the bike, blipped to the red line... this cock was losing it in his seat... the lights go green and he screams off! I just pootled off the line with a big smile. He disappears into the distance, but I noticed that he almost ran off the road, presumably because he had an eye in the mirror... what a douche bag.
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  19. I ride faster than they drive.
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  20. If you can get in front fine,if you cant be bothered just let them go,cause tomorrow and the next and next and next,ohh sorry i was falling asleep,
    The next day it will be someone else,its never ending.