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Filter oil..........application.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by NovaCoder, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. I do my own (minor) servicing on my ZX6. It has the standard foam filter fitted and I usually just clean it and then use some WD40 on it. This weekend I decided to do it 'properly' and brought some filter oil. After soaking my filter in this lovely blue sticky stuff I squeezed the little sucker in a death-grip (as per instructions) before sticking it all back together.

    Unfortunately the bike then proceeded to leak blue-goo out of the bottom of the air-box for the next hour :!:

    Presumably I just didn't get enough of the oil out but I did give the thing a good squeeze :-k

    Any advice :?:
  2. Hi Nova

    I have a zx9r and my filter is flat also. What I do is I have and old tupperware container I put a layer of filter oil approx 2 - 3 mil of oil on the bottom I use Unifilter oil. Then place the filter face down push down on it so it soaks up most then sqeeze the filter to get the rest of the oil impregnated through the filter.
    The key is you dont need a lot of oil that just make's the job a lot harder. Or another idea is buy a K&N or a DNA filter and they are simple as to service.

    Also don't use WD40 its no good in this application it will eventually evaporate away leaving you no filtering of the incoming air and also way to thin.

  3. Thanks Rossco,

    I was thinking about getting a K&N/DNA, must put it on the list.
  4. Don't do it again. Standard filters can't be cleaned properly (unlike K&N's etc. that can be) and you won't be able to remove the fine dust and particles etc. that clogs the filter. Suck it in and get another filter, or make the initial investment and get a K&N or similiar that can be properly cleaned.
  5. unless you have a bike that has a re-usable foam filter (like mine).

    after you wash the filter, let it drip dry for a long time (e.g. overnight), then apply the oil sparingly, then let it sit for another few hours at least. I havent managed to stop oil leaking from the oil filter assembly yet.

    I was tempted to block one of drain plugs and just empty the airbox occasionally.