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QLD Filter, bike lane or em lane

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by White Shadow, May 8, 2013.

  1. My mate got nabbed the other day for filtering at the lights fined 88 bucks no demerit point. Now this got me thinking what is the lesser of three supposed evils filtering, using a bike lane or using an emergency lane. Now don't tell the wallopers but I do all three daily on my commute. Two sections of road I move past stopped or very slow moving traffic for up to a kilometre and another section I use the bike lane as long there is no pushy in it (haven't seen one yet). Now after my mate got pinged it got me thinking that even though I consider using the em & bike lane a better option am I better off just filtering. Has anybody been unlucky enough to get nabbed in the em or bike lane or bus lane for that matter that could enlighten me on the penalties.

  2. I got nabbed in the emergency/bike lane on the m5 while it was at a stand still today. Pretty funny actually. I was doing the dodgy, saw the cop, abided by the law until I had passed. The hatred of traffic got the better of me and I jumped back in to the lane about 100m down the road. As soon as I did copper flashes me and rushes up the emergency lane. I moved into traffic and hoped for the best. No luck he stopped at me and waited for me to pull over.

    As soon as I got the stand down they went around me and sped off. Little bastard just wanted to scare the crap out of me. Hopefully they don't come back to visit me.
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  3. Hey mate,
    I do the same trip to Narangba daily and I've also pondered these very questions! I can however tell you that the burpengarry squad car has an on board speed camera so it can ping you as you travel towards each other. Got me on Mc phail rd at 6.30 am :arghh:
  4. Been discussed a fair bit here. Emergency lane is bad for several reasons: nails, screws, glass, bricks, twobefours and all the other shite that falls of vehicles ends up there, and so do people who suddenly get a phone call - without looking. Couldn't pay me to ride at any reasonable speed up an emergency lane. Go the filter - and develop your copdar, and regard any occasional fine for it as just the cost of doing business.
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  5. Surely on the m5 you should be able to see far enough ahead to avoid any obstacles that might be ahead that might stop you riding in the bike/emergency lane.

    Head up, watch for filth that could trip you.

    I dont mean nails etc.
  6. Filtering down the middle, the cop can't easily see which side of the line you are on and has to think about what offense to book you for. Riding down the side, on the shoulder, it's obvious where you are and easier for the cops to write a ticket.
  7. What was he actually booked for?
  8. I can remember exactly I deleated the email will have to check with him I think it might have been for crossing the solid white line.

    I realise that copping a hit for filtering and like is just part of doing business but any good business manager would explore the alternate delivery methods in an effort to reduce the cost of doing business while in the most time efficient manner while keeping WH&S as the number one deliverable. I am just wishing to have information required to calculate the risk.

    Filtering = $88 - 0 points
    EM lane. = $???- ? Points
    Bike lane =$??? - ? Points
  9. That could happen not filtering, so it wasn't for filtering, the fine was for being a dumb ass and not knowing where the bike is on the road.

    The fines people get are so easy to avoid with a little road awareness.
  10. I get that. My point was that in many ways the fines are the least of the potential costs.

    Hopefully someone more useful than me will come along with the info you're looking for, though.
  11. There's no good reason to drive in the breakdown lane imho. It's for breakdowns, it's full of crud and people will turn into it without looking.... when they breakdown. It will also look more like pushing in to others, because anyone can drive any vehicle there if they chose to, but only motorcycles can filter between lanes.
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  12. I use the breakdown lane on Southern Cross Drive of an evening, its safer than filtering between traffic because of the tiny lanes they decided to build on a 3 lane freeway.. plus everyone is already raging behind the wheel as they have been stuck in traffic for over an hour by this point, god only knows what they will do if your close